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Friday, September 6, 2013

Kam Ling Restaurant @ Jalan Idris, Perak

One of the signature dishes of Kampar Malaysia is their Curry Chicken Bun (面包鸡), or otherwise known as CCB (just joking). The iconic dish features a good portion of curry chicken and potato, wrapped within a gigantic loaf of bread. We were travelling within the roads of Perak, the state of Kampar and as recommended by the tour guide, this dish is surely not to be missed.

According to online findings, there are currently two restaurants, namely Yau Kee and Kam Ling selling the curry chicken bun. The former presents a thicker curry gravy, whereas the latter's version is thinner and laced with more oil. Kam Ling won in terms of popularity. Although I have yet to try Yau Kee's rendition, here's my take on Kam Ling's famous curry chicken bun (RM24/half chicken).

The distinct aroma of the curry drifted in the air as the waitresses prepared the curry chicken bun, by slicing the golden-glazed loaf open with a pair of scissors. You know, as an uncommon sight in Singapore, diners whipped out their phone cameras and DSLRs as soon she placed the dish on the table, which I am guilty of that too. But, oh well, moving back to the food: I did prefer a thicker curry, but their's went exceptionally well with the sweetened bread - which was nicely executed with a slight crust on the exterior, but soft and fluffy in the inside.

As expected, a colourful platter of cold dish was served before meal, which consisted of spring rolls, salad, chicken wings among other appetisers. To be honest, I don't think cold chicken wings fit well in the platter, because they simply taste dry and juiceless.

Anyone who has a prawn fetish should've joined this tour, prawns were served on the dining table for almost every single meal. But I've to admit that Kam Ling's was up to standard, whereby the prawns were fresh and succulent with a tinge of sweet soya sauce.

All in all, don't be fooled by Kam Ling's grand exterior (in Malaysia's standard), as their food are reasonably priced amongst friendly services. Thumbs up, recommended.

Kam Ling Restaurant

Tel: +60 605-4661174

107, Jalan Idris
Kampar, Perak