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Monday, September 29, 2014

Movie Review - The Maze Runner

Having watched the trailers of The Maze Runner during its pre-release phases, I thought to myself, "oh boy, this is one darn movie I can't miss!" True enough, during my short getaway at Johor last weekend, I crossed this movie off my to-watch-list-of-2014.

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Nomsaurus gave The Maze Runner

This review may contain SPOILERS.

The Maze Runner is a Sci-fi/action movie directed by Wes Ball and is based on a post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy by James Dashner. Does anyone know who the heck is Wes Ball? Apparently, he is a rookie director who has, to date, directed less than 5 movies, but I had to admit, The Maze Runner is his golden ticket to the director's hall of fame.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Serenity Spanish Bar and Restaurant @ Vivocity, Singapore

Serenity is the first of its kind in Singapore serving authentic Spanish cuisine at the heartlands of Singapore. Up to date, Serenity has two branches locally, one located at Vivocity, and the newer branch at Ngee Ann City. Dear and I have passed by their former branch practically every single time we head to Vivocity, but hesitated because Spanish dishes might not be our cup of tea. Nevertheless, we decided to give Serenity a try as our fourth year anniversary dinner.

I have absolutely zero complaints for their ambience and services. In fact, service was polite and efficient, and I always appreciate it when either the service staff or the manager asks us for feedback (like "how is everything so far?"), which they did. We chose to dine al-fresco, set amidst the soft instrumentals and voices of the live band, with the occasional sea-breeze.

Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Brilliant Food Inventions

From cookie shots to ramen burger, these ingenious food creations are set to take any given city by storm. You see, that's the thing about food. Ingredients have no boundaries, and it's all up to the maker to bring a brand new identity to the ingredients put together, how they are prepared, garnished and then served in a certain way.

Food is not just food, it embodies a culinary form of art. And these food inventions are nonetheless, the artist's creations. Without further ado, here's my compilation of the 5 top brilliant food inventions of the 2010's.

Named as one of the 25 best creations by TIME magazine in 2013, cronuts has taken New York by storm, sparking yet another food craze.  Personally, I haven't tried one of these gorgeous, trademarked creations by renowned pastry chef, Dominique Ansel. But hey, this does seem like a crazy-ass invention which has gotta be in everyone's must-try list. I mean.. a hybrid between croissants and dough-nuts, who would ever thought of this?

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Blisshouse @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

Enter the whimsical world of Blisshouse, a fairytale-themed restaurant which serves Western cuisine amongst beautifully crafted gardens and fountains (and even a carriage!) that you might only discover in Disney movies. Photo opportunities are aplenty, making this place a well-desired venue for events such as solemnisation ceremonies, birthday parties and product launches, etc. In fact, the day we were there, there was some ongoing filming where there were parlour chairs and a grand piano set.

Ambience definitely scored high for Blisshouse, and service was pretty good as I would have expected. The service staff were attentive and dishes did not take long to arrive. Food-wise, there were some negative reviews from friends' experience and through my prior research, hence to be utterly honest, my expectations were not high for their offerings.