Friday, March 16, 2018

孟想陈真 - Wedding blooms from A Better Florist

A Better Florist. Everyone knows about them, especially after last year's Valentine's Day, where orders either came out wrong or late. We were one of them, as we waited in the office when everyone had left and we were still waiting for our phantom bouquet - almost an hour after the promised delivery time. The flowers did not arrive in the end, and I was more disappointed than my ex-girlfriend (well she's my wife now). You can't blame my scepticism when A Better Florist approached me last November to write an article in exchange for a bouquet. I thought everyone deserves a second chance and I said okay (who would mind a free bouquet anyway), but honestly, asking them to sponsor my bridal bouquet is a huge step of faith.

Friday, March 9, 2018

孟想陈真 - Wedding gowns with Seletar Broadway

I'll be honest- we signed up for a wedding gown package even before I proposed. If there's one method to lock your other half in, it's this. Of course, *cough* you can always change the name or even sell the package, but let's not steer the topic.

One day, Lady M and I came across this bridal fair at Suntec, which in all honesty, we thought it was a huge bridal fair with various vendors. But uh, there was only one company - Seletar Broadway - in the space of a meeting room. "Let's just take a look", we stepped inside with an open heart as it was our virgin experience going to wedding fairs and we did not plan to sign any packages impulsively. Guess what? We did. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

孟想陈真 - Whimsical Wedding Bakes with Creme Maison Bakery

Dessert tables are getting pretty popular in the local wedding scene since God knows when. Besides the standard reception, there is always this table full of goodies screaming for attention. This makes up for the perfect excuse if mum says that you shouldn't have desserts before your meal. It's a banquet lunch mum, I will have a slice of cake, some chocolate-dipped marshmallows, cupcakes and perhaps a few macarons before lunch.

If you are looking for the perfect cake to grace your wedding dessert table, hell, this can even be your wedding cake itself - we recommend Creme Maison Bakery, a family business with a simple aim - to handcraft the tastiest cake you have ever eaten. And probably, the prettiest you would ever see too. I mean, just look at this. A two-tiered tower of goodness of earl -grey lavender painted in the colours of our wedding theme (that is, blue and white) and decorated with macarons, chocolate shards and meringue. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

孟想陈真 - Thomas' and Lydia's Fullerton Hotel Wedding (with Wedding Tips!)

It is official – we are married!

This year’s February 10 marks the day when the love of my life, aka Lady M and well, yours truly, tied the knot – after 5 months of preparation. The wedding process itself is like an FYP (final year project), one which we did most of the planning, coordinating, sourcing for ideas, decorations, food, you get the gist. Well, you may opt to get a wedding coordinator who could do most of the work for you, but we thought that it gives more meaning that we do it ourselves (just kidding – budget issues). Depending on your expectations, you may face various levels of stress. I mean, a basic wedding with minimal decoration and the standard program versus a celebrity-like wedding with all the glams and booms. Got it?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Wedding Food Tasting at Fullerton Hotel

As the wedding bells are soon to ring, we are trying to check off as many to-dos' on our list, one of them which is to get our banquet food tasted. Most banquet venues offer food tasting as part of the package. This process is more important than you think, don't think of it as a free meal for 6-10 people. Think of it as a responsibility as guests will be eating the food on the actual day, so it is one of your duties to make sure that the food is up to standard. After all, Singaporeans love to eat, and after all, you don't want to serve subpar food.

Here are some general tips for your food tasting session: Take photos of the presentation. Evaluate the food. Take notes. Feedback to the chef/coordinator. Ask questions. Finalise. 
It's not the first time our family met each other, and we really thank God that everyone got along pretty well and had a great time chatting over dinner. Although the actual venue was at the main ballroom at Fullerton Hotel, the food tasting was hosted at Jade Restaurant - a really exquisite and cosy Cantonese restaurant which has been operating at Fullerton for almost a decade. It is helmed by the hotel's executive chef, Chef Leong Chee Yeng, who is also the in-charge for our wedding menu.

Friday, January 19, 2018

London Prewedding Photoshoot with JR Studio

Travelling overseas for your prewedding photoshoot seems to be "in" thing right now. Apparently, Singaporeans are too cool for Merlion, Sentosa, and Botanic Gardens. While foreigners are flying to Singapore for their photoshoot, we fly to theirs for ours. And... so did we. Everything seemed like it was planned by God himself after one of Lady M's friend gave her a Hillsong Conference UK ticket for her birthday. We planned a trip around it, managed to book a prewedding photoshoot, and even fly to Iceland for a trip. Initially, we had plans to shoot ours in Korea, with all the annyeonghasaeyo K-drama style, but that would be another cost and another story.

Searching for a prewedding photoshoot online is no easy task, this I promise, it takes extensive hours of research of whether to go with either flying a photographer over, or go with a destination photographer, or signing up with an overseas studio. I will share the pros and cons of each to better help you plan yours, which you probably are since you are reading this post until this far.