Friday, March 1, 2019

Month #3 - Eat, Play, Sleep?

The third month is not without its challenges. There’s one thing we learnt and that is, you never stop learning when it comes to raising up a child. There’s an endless list of things to learn and explore about your child, and some times, they are paired with glass-shattering screams and wall-shaking cries. And when the baby cries and not handled appropriately, it becomes a stressor to the marriage. Trust me, we are still learning how to cope. You don’t need a eureka moment to know that parenting is real tough commitment. Here’s a salute to all parents once again.
CNY Day 1, huat ah!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Month #2 - Newborn cough and drinking water.

The second month, as compared to the first, was slightly easier to cope. Perhaps the baby is a little less fragile now, or perhaps we are more accustomed to waking up twice or thrice at night. Here's a summary of baby Olivia's second month for Lady M and myself:

Bringing Olivia out.
Bringing a newborn out is like preparing for a 4D3N field camp. Without the confinement nanny, you gotta have your packing list and battle plan. Food, bottles, diapers, diaper rash, extra clothes, a mental map of where's the nearest nursing room and what not. Besides the doctor visits and photo shoot (which we had the nanny with us), we first brought her out alone when she's about 5 weeks old to a cafe meet-up with our friends. It was meant to be a playdate, but the two kids were sleeping 90% of the time. To be fair, that's a good thing. We rather have her sleeping soundly compared to screaming her lungs out in the middle of a cafe. I shit you not, even after bringing her out for a couple of times, we still get a little anxiety. Every single time.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Month #1 - Confinement, impetigo, breastfeeding and baby blues.

The first month is, I shit you not, a fearful month - the month of major transition and sacrifice. After the bouts of our loved ones visiting and sending their heartfelt congratulations to us, a sudden loss of what to do engulfs us. Back at Thomson Medical, nurses were serving us 24/7, arriving just seconds after a button’s press. If not for the presence of our confinement nanny (thank God she was already at our place on the day of discharge), I wouldn’t even want to fathom the lives we were going to live for the first month.

Sitting the month.
And so we entered an ancient Chinese tradition of the confinement period or 坐月 (zuo yue) which literally means sitting the month. So, if you are unaware of this ching chong practice, whereby the mother does only two things - (1) restore her body and (2) feed the baby. There are a lot of don'ts. Don't get out of bed. Don't read or use your phone. Don't cry. Don't wash your hair (my wife lasted 15 days). The confinement nanny should be an adept for this, gorging your body (and your husband's) with all the herbs and tonics which are supposed to restore your yang energy. Herbal soup, chicken cooked in Chinese wine, and the confinement classic, pig trotters in black vinegar. It's hard not to get fat.

Impetigo what?
Nearing 1.5 weeks, a small blister grew on Olivia’s chin, then it grew bigger and even spread to other areas on her chin. We tried to find out possible sources, was it the feeding cup? Was it how the nanny handled her? Was it because of abrasion from the clothes? We started to google for possible sickness and stumbled on “impetigo” - a highly contagious skin infection. Blisters and rashes, checked. Honey-coloured crust, checked. Spreading of rashes, checked.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Maternity and Baby Photoshoot with FACE SG

Lady M and I knew that we wanted something to document our pregnancy and the baby's first few weeks, all thanks to influenzas who posted really cute pictures of their child wrapped up real cuddly and in the most absurd way. And so we did. Back last year, we were strolling one of the baby fairs with a list ingrained in our minds, one of which is none other than a maternity and baby photoshoot package. That's when we stumble upon Face SG.
There are a few reasons why we signed up with Face SG.

1. Their portfolio impresses us. The photos were creative, had a wide range of styles and backdrops. To some extent, I thought their standard even matches up with those "higher-range" studios, which could costed 2 or 3 times more than this.
2. Their prices were really competitive, which you could check it out here. If you want the best deals, you could sign up during baby fairs. Details, including how many backdrops, change and rental of clothes, photos, accessories were discussed before signing and payment.
3. Their staff were friendly and not overly pushy. Okay, we know, people want their sales, but there's a limit to everything. We visited another booth before this and we had the impression that we were being forced into signing the package, which apparently had the opposite effect on us.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (there are others scattered in other posts as well):

Friday, December 28, 2018

Looking back at 2018

Writing a "looking back" post became an annual ritual. This year is not any different. With the calendar soon switches to 2019, it is always (dis)heartening to reflect on your resolutions and craft out new ones for the next year. 2018 was exciting. This year was filled with two major milestones (no. 1 and 2) of a person's life:

Friday, December 14, 2018

Pregnancy Tips for Surviving the Third Trimester

Week 28 onwards
Congratulations on making to the last stage of pregnancy! Give yourself a pat on the back! Although you're about two-thirds to the finish line, your little one has still got lots to grow. Unlike the second trimester, because of the extra (and growing) weight, my wife gets tired easily. During our antenatal class with Dr. Wong Boh Boi, the fathers get to try out an 8-kilograms vest to experience what their wives are going through. Yet, unlike this dummy vest that we can take off as and when, mummies got to carry it till the baby's out. And to be honest, that's real hard work - a huge salute to all mummies out there.

Pregnancy Tips for Surviving the Third Trimester (currently viewing)
What to expect during your third trimester

Disclaimer: Tips provided are based on our own personal experience. It may work for some, but not others. We are not medical professionals. If symptoms aggravate or persist, please seek a trained doctor.

#1. Baby movements. And backaches
Now that your little one is growing rapidly, chances that you will start feeling his or her kicks, heavy accompanied with backaches and occasional cramps. After all, your organs gotta make space for the baby, you'll be sure to feel some discomfort.

Tried and tested:
- Back massage: Lie sideways and have your partner do a good ol' back massage for you to release some tension. A suggestion is to put a few tennis balls in a stocking, tie them tight on both ends, and it rolled against your back for a quick relief.
- Propping your legs up: A simple pillow or cushion would do the trick for this.