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Friday, April 24, 2020

Household Essentials During CB + $100 Vouchers Giveaway!

This week's newsflash - This CB is extended for another month.

That's right. For another month. With additional rules, stricter regulations, and without my favourite bubble tea. Heck, I was even thinking of cutting my hair this weekend. The government went "these are not essentials, so nope."

oh God.

So about 2.5 weeks of CB has passed, so that's another... 5.5 weeks?!

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So ladies and gentlemen, what are you going to do at home besides "working at home"? I, for one, went straight to the mama shop to get some tapioca flour and brown sugar to make some pearls after news of the major bubble tea stores are closed. I'm thinking of what would be on the cooking list next few weeks, Dalgona coffee or some herbal soup maybe.

Like always, I am your trusty lobang king  when it comes to finding the best deal - high quality with affordable pricing, especially during this CB period, where businesses is losing and cash is tight. This week is no different.


This week, Global e-Beauty is coming up with a new and VERY ATTRACTIVE Promotion, which the stay-at-home Mummies and Daddies will absolutely love.

Household Necessities, Cookwares and Electronics up to 80% OFF!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Keep Your Figure During Circuit Breaker

Dear readers,

Disclaimer: Before I start, I would like to clarify that in no way I am not fat-shaming, but promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle via natural weight loss.

As you have already realised by this day of CB (circuit breaker), the kitchen - especially the fridge is very hard to stay away from. Somehow, it always attracts you to open it, enticing you with your chocolate bars, cakes, fried chicken, pizza, and whatnot that you have stocked up for this CB.

All these delicious, mouth-watering, sinful snacks.

Little by little. Bit by bit.

Eat. Eat. Eat. CB, you don't want to exercise, right?

Although it doesn't seem like anything in the beginning, heck, you might look skinny thin. Yet, little did you know that your stomach and intestines have already start to clog up with unsightly visceral fats.

To help with your imagination how it may look like, here's a picture of a less gross version:
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Clean Living and Green Cleaning with Green Kulture

Dear readers,

What do you do when you're under CB or CCB? No, not what you're thinking. But rather, circuit breaker or (complete CB) - an initiative by the Singapore government to stop all non-essential services from 7th April to 4th May 2020. But we thank God because shops like bubble tea and hairdressers are still open for business (essential service sio), if not we could foresee BBT-deprived Tarzans at the end of this period.

As responsible citizens like you and I, many businesses turned to working from home, or letting their workers take a month's break. Whatever it is. I am sure that most of you will be waking up in the afternoon, start geh-siao working for a few hours and turn on your Netflix or Korean drama.
Let me offer you something better to do - Cleaning up and Sprucing up your home. 
For these reasons:

1. In less than a week of CB, your house has already turned into an inhabitable dump, full of unwashed plates, popcorn, or used rubber, lying on the floor.

2. Outside coronavirus, inside also virus from your filth got what use?

And lastly..

3. Your colleagues (and boss) will be impressed by your clean house (or corner) when you guys have video-conferencing.

Enough reasons or not?