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Friday, October 19, 2018

A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Olivia,

In about one month, mummy and I will be carrying you in our arms. It has been more than eight months in mummy's tummy, but as they say - good things are worth waiting for. From the size of a grape seed, you grew to be a blueberry, a kiwi, an orange, and now you are the size of a melon! One thing for sure, mummy eats a lot of fruits. So many months of waiting, it was unreal initially, but as time passes, we get to see and feel you swimming inside mummy.  We can't wait to see your beautiful face - handmade and crafted by your Heavenly Father. We wonder, did you inherit daddy's dimples and double eye-lids, or did you inherit mummy's pretty face? Whatever it is, please be healthy, strong and happy inside mummy.
You mean you didn't know Olivia is coming?