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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Coffee Academics @ Scotts Square, Singapore

Hailed from the land of dim-sums since 2012, The Coffee Academics has just arrived at the shores of Singapore recently. Featured on Buzzfeed as the "25 coffee shops around the world you have to see before you die", it is a no-brainer that limbeh has to partake in this hipster trend as well. Stepping into their 3000sq feet of space at the second floor of Scotts Square is like entering a fairyland - one with glorious, marbled furniture paired against a simple, yet classic backdrop, oh not forgetting the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. First impression? "No wonder it made it to the list."

Friday, October 21, 2016

Recipe: Egg Benedict + Literally Pay Lesser with Paylesser!

What's up my beautiful readers, because today, you are in for a treat. Ever thought of making cafe-grade brunch but you're not confident of your cooking skills? Or perhaps you are afraid to mess up your kitchen? I feel you, because that's what I used to be like this. Cooking is supposed to be fun, delicious, and seeing the smiles (hopefully) of people eating your creations is just worth it.

Okay, I am saving my saliva, or rather my finger strength for something else (if you know what I mean - to make more food la. Don't think dirty hor). Presenting to you limbeh's version of Egg Benedict, completed by toasted English bread, fresh Arugula salad, crispy prosciutto ham, and a beautifully poached egg slathered with homemade hollandaise sauce. Sounds complicated? (Actually it's just putting stuff together. lololol)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Recipe: Blueberry Pies

Recently I am fascinated by the flexibility of puff pastries. This store-bought ingredient is so bloody versatile that you can turn it into anything that you want, chicken pot pies, (fake) croissants, pies, strudels, or delicate, bite-size pastries. They consists of many folded layers which is filled with butter goodness. The result? Flaky, light, pastry. The best thing? Fuss-free. Here's a recipe that you can easily whipped up in 30 minutes. 

Like strawberries? Substitute the blueberries with sliced strawberries. Like apples? Chop some up and throw it inside the pies as filling, you will have your very own home-made apple pie in a moment.