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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Coffee Academics @ Scotts Square, Singapore

Hailed from the land of dim-sums since 2012, The Coffee Academics has just arrived at the shores of Singapore recently. Featured on Buzzfeed as the "25 coffee shops around the world you have to see before you die", it is a no-brainer that limbeh has to partake in this hipster trend as well. Stepping into their 3000sq feet of space at the second floor of Scotts Square is like entering a fairyland - one with glorious, marbled furniture paired against a simple, yet classic backdrop, oh not forgetting the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. First impression? "No wonder it made it to the list."

I swear, they have the most beautiful menu on earth. I found myself appreciating the design way more than the girl sitting right in front of me (which might give rise to unnecessary conflicts - that I learnt my lesson). Back to the topic, they have a pretty extensive menu of starters, mains and desserts. We had the Angus Oxtail Stew (S$26) - tender, robust, and so god-darn flavorful, although to be honest, this is slightly pricier than it should be. The Soft Shell Crab Salted Egg Wafu Pasta (S$23), okay let me catch a breath first, was mediocre at best. The salted egg sauce was really weak, while the pasta was rather lumpy and soggy. The portion of soft shell crab was good, but did little to salvage the dish.

At The Coffee Academics, coffee is what they do, so not getting one is the most foolish choice you would ever make on that day. We got ourselves their limited Iced Apple Macchiato (S$8), brilliantly described as "fresh Fuji apple juice topped with an iced macchiato and apple slices, with a cascading texture that pays homage to the iconic snow cap of Mount Fuji". Oh damn, they should totally give this person a raise. Back to the topic, this drink is definitely for you if you prefer something refreshing yet something that fulfill your coffee needs. Perfect for a hot and humid day. If not, you can just go with their Cafe Latte (hot - S$6.50), which is, well.. just as good.

For desserts, their signature TCA Egglet (S$19) was to be honest, a disaster. The egglet was not crisp (less hot) and tasted like it's out of the kitchen for a very long time. The salted egg sauce looked like an art-piece of a 6-year-old, while the whole combination - milk tea ice cream, salted egg sauce, and mango/peach slices did not work, at all. C+ for effort though.

Besides food, they do have coffee brewing and latte art classes which may interest some. The food, on the other hand, needs serious improvement. The bill came out to be S$97 with all the stated items, to be honest, Wild Honey, which is just located above them, might be a better choice.

The Coffee Academics

Tel: +65 65381940
Opening Hours : 9 am to 9 pm

Scott Square #02-01/02
Singapore 228209