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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square, Singapore

My foodie friends have been raving about this particular restaurant - "Wild Honey", for quite some time. As always opened to suggestions for good food, I decided to do brunch with girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon. It was approximately 3pm - the both of us have some troubles waking up from our comfortable nest, but who cares, as brunch in Wild Honey is an all-day affair.
It turned out that skipping the peak hours was a good choice, as we were being ushered to our table within minutes. A salt-and-pepper haired caucasian in his mid 40s, who seems to be one of the managing staff, was brimming with enthusiasm and all smiles when handing us the menus and explaining bits and pieces of it that we couldn't comprehend - a plus point for service. Ambience-wise, Wild Honey does not lose out as well. It is cozy and intimate, equipped with trendy wooden furnitures lined with cute cushion covers, all placed across a floor of beautiful kaleidoscopic tiles. Lovely.
Serving time usually takes more than a while, so it is ideal to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew while waiting for the main courses to arrive, which for my case - it is definitely gonna be good ol Cuppucinno (S$6.00) with a dash of cocoa powder. The froth was thick enough for my liking and just able to leave a foamy moustache every time I sipped it. Opposite from yours truly, Girlfriend doesn't drink coffee, but is a lover of good tea. A pot of Lemon Verbena (S$6.00) served with honey was her choice. But again, maybe that what makes us attract - opposites.
Soon enough, our sides arrived. The lightly salted Breakfast Potatoes (S$3.50) was a delight to our empty stomach, while the imported Smoked Sturgeon (S$10.00) was probably one of the best seafood dishes I had. Despite the sheer serving size, every single bit of meat presented was well-seasoned, fresh and tasteful.

For the main course, we shared the English Breakfast (S$24.00). Big portions, a good mix of flavours and, playful colours that would brighten anyone's day up - that is how breakfast should be. What more can I ask for with a breakfast like this, which includes slices of brioche, (more) potatoes, streaky bacons, chunky pork sausage, juicy sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomato and not to even mention, the basis of breakfast - eggs. No breakfast should be called breakfast without eggs. They are like a compulsary item for breakfast, and for Wild Honey's case, they did it so damn well with their signature fluffy scrambled eggs, that were so full of flavour and eggy goodness.

The total bill comes close to $60, but this is money well-spent. Wild Honey is definitely a place that I see myself coming back again. For your information, they do have another branch located at Madarin Gallery (Orchard) as well.

Wild Honey

Tel: 6636 1816

Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 22:30
Sat - Sun: 08:00 - 22:30

6 Scotts Rd
Scotts Square