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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant @ Jurong West, Singapore

Chilli Crab is a popular dish known by many and it is arguably the best local dish right here at its birth place. Listed by CNN Travel at 35th in "World's 50 Most Delcious Food", Chilli crab is with no doubt, a must eat when it comes to travelling in Singapore. Let's just put it this way - You have not truly been to Singapore until you savour the chilli crabs.
Located at Jurong West district, Big Eater Seafood could be identified with hundreds of signatures-filled crab shells hanging on the ceiling. Though it sure does look like a nightmare for crabs to end up in, tens and hundreds of crab-lovers throng to this particular seafood restaurant regularly and unite all in the name of this clawed creature.
Do not miss out their signature Chilli Crab (seasonal price ~ S$43.00) - whole crab stir-fried in semi-thick, sweet and spicy tomato-based chilli sauce with eggs and ganished with cilantro. Crab claws are the most fleshy and convenient part, hence it is quite the obvious favourite to many and more often than not, served to guest or the elderly. However, the actual fun of eating a crab lies in using the crab cracker and claw out the meat (it might not seem like an appropriate similarity, but it is like how an anteater dig out ants from a tree bark. Oh yuck. I know.) Anyway, the sweet-spicy gravy is best eaten together with white rice, or even better with its sidekick -Deep Fried Buns (S$4.00 for 10), or better known as Chinese mantou.
Salted Egg Yolk Crab (seasonal price ~ S$43.00) is another prefered way of cooking. The savoury flavour of the salted egg yolk infused with the natural sweet, juicy flesh tends to be difficult to resist. Oh, and if you're lucky enough, you might just get one that is full of delectable crab roes!

Besides stir-frying with tomato-chilli and salted egg yolk sauce, other popular flavours include the drier and fragrant black pepper sauce and for the health gurus, how does steamed crabs sound?
Crispy Prawn Roll (S$13.50) - fresh prawn paste is wrapped in thin layers of beancurd skin and then deep-fried, is highly recommended. Simple, yet an amazing dish with a subtle crisp. Therefore, we always have this at our table every single time.

Deep Fried Chicken (S$12.00) is no less awesome with its juicy flesh hidden under a layer of crispy brown skin. With KFC's chicken getting smaller and standards going downhill, one day I might just switch here to satisfy my chicken cravings instead.

Besides its speciality seafood, Big Eater Seafood Restaurant is also well-known for their authentic KL-style Hokkien Mee, Hor Fun and various local dishes. Definitely recommended for family dinners and late-night gatherings.
Big Eater Seafood Restaurant (大食家海鲜)

Tel: 63970480
Opening Hours
Daily: 4pm - 2am
964 Jurong West Street 91