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Monday, December 10, 2012

Light Up Your Christmas with O'Coffee Club

With this year's theme of "Light Up Your Christmas", O'Coffee Club presents an impressive array of festive ala carte menu and goodies, ranging from home-baked artisanal cookies and yule logcakes to festive drinks, such as the X'mas edition mango vodka juice- Blue Santa Tini (S$12.00). One would be spoilt for choice.
Double Berry Rock (S$7.20/slice or S$45/whole) is their newest addition of seasonal logcakes, with "a sensational twist of blissful chocolate with cherry compote and berry Bavarian cream."
Let It Snow (S$8.00) - "a Christmas edition macaroon mocha ice-blended drink, filled with crushed cookie bits." The Christmas tree cookie looks absolutely adorable at the summit of whipped cream. Hazelnut Caramel Crawing (S$6.50) is not one of the promotions, but I thought it has a festive ring to its brilliant design.

Besides pastries and seasonal drinks, O'Coffee Club serves a variety of tantalizing festive treats as well, such as the mouth-watering main courses "Christmas Beef Brisket" and "Chicken and Turkey Mince Roll". For more information about this festive promotion and other in-house menus, please do not hesitate to visit their main site at
Do take note that there is a "Longest Whimsical Log Cake Decorating Contest", which will be held at Marina Square on 23 December 2012 with exciting prizes to be given away. For more information:
Have a Christmas treat like no other - Happy festive dining!