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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Brasserie Astoria @ Victoria Theater & Concert Hall

When it comes to celebratory dinner, as with birthdays and anniversaries, we usually spend some thoughts on where to go. We want something unique, higher end with great ambience, but won't break the bank. Fantastic cocktails are definite plus as Lady M and I are suckers for this. This year, she brought me to Brasserie Astoria, located at Victoria Theater and Concert Hall. Just six years ago, in the spring of 2018 (ok, summer in Singapore), we were lining up in front of this place taking our actual-day wedding photoshoot. As we walked past, we savoured a sweet memory.

Brasserie Astoria had huge doors. Thank God they are automatic. And as they opened, an inviting space with high ceilings lined with chandeliers, albeit dimly lighted, welcomed us. The friendly service staff guided us to our seats and introduced their menu to us. The menu was concise, but we took awhile to choose our orders, mainly because we wanted to try everything.

For starters, we had their Oyster au Naturelle (SGD$8/each), and trust me on this, it was one of the best. Hands-down. The size wasn't overwhelming but it was plump and juicy. Paired with the shallot vinaigrette and a nice squeeze of the lemon, we joked we could just had the oysters as mains next time.
Not long after, the Snails (SGD$18) came. It was a crude but apt name. Drenched in roasted garlic butter, lavender and a hint of thyme and parsley, this was again finger-licking good. I never thought lavender in such a buttery dish would work, but it was SUPERB. We found ourselves dipping the bread in it and literally spooning the sauce into our mouths. If you're here, please do yourselves a huge favour and order this. 
We did share a main, considering we had heavy lunch at Hathaway earlier. I wanted the Whisky Flambe Beef where the chef would prepare a fire show beside you, while the lady wanted the Monkfish (even after I showed her the picture of a monkfish). Like our usual tradition of deciding between two things, we did scissors-paper-stone. And.
The Grilled Monkfish Tail (SGD$85) was served with a nice dollop-size of foie gras and a side of onion gratin. The fish meat tender which goes well with P√©rigourdine sauce. I love how the foie gras melts in your mouth as we savour every bite of this dish.
Obviously, no celebration is completed without alcohols, so we had their Angel Land and (cocktail which I forgot the name) (SGD$27/each). As always, both sourish in nature, but to be honest, it wasn't the best as it lacks depth and presentation. The current winner for us still stands with MOTT32, and if you like fancy drinks, go for Public Eight.
Despite this, I'd still highly recommend Brassier Astoria for the entire experience. Expect to spend about $150 per pax, but it was well worth it. Kudos to the service, definitely a bonus for any restaurants.

Brasserie Astoria Singapore Victoria Theater & Concert Hall
11 Empress Place
Singapore 179558