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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cali Cafe @ Park Avenue Rochester Hotel, Singapore

On the constant hunt of brunch places, we recently discovered Cali Cafe on some websites coupled with deals. Although it is located within a stone's throw from my residence, this casual American cafe somehow managed to hid under our "foodie-radar". And so on a beautiful Saturday morning, we decided to give it a try out. Nestled within Park Avenue Rochester in Buona Vista, Cali Cafe prides itself in healthy dining and whips out all-day brunch and popular food choices in California, such as Steak and Fries, and Baby Back Ribs. 

Well, we settled down and had our drinks served to us shortly. Food came before we even warmed our seats. While girlfriend had their famous All-Day BDBH (S$18.60), also known as the "best darn breakfast on the hill", which consists of a wide spread of breakfast necessities - toasted bread, bratwurst sausage, baked potato , side salad and a personal choice of  eggs (scrambled or sunny side-up), and crispy bacon or honey ham.

A platter of everyone's favourite breakfast items can hardly go wrong. The scrambled eggs were fantastic, together with the crisp of the toasted slices. Potatoes and salad were fresh and good, just that the latter had an over-powering taste of vinaigrette. It might be contested as "GDBH" (good darn breakfast on the hill), but definitely not the best.

Pulled Pork Bun (S$13.55) is a combination of tender shredded pork, lettuce and tomato slices sandwiched between two soft buns, it is completed with a relatively-strange combination of orange wedges and potato fries. There is no doubt that the filling was satisfying and tantalising, nevertheless, portion and price doesn't correlate in my opinion. After some research, it was found that the sides were used to be fries and salad, and was approximately S$2 cheaper. Oh well.

Overall, if Cali Cafe wants diners to return for their food, and not only when there are deals, they do have a lot to be improved on, starting with their cappuccino (which they screwed up badly). The probable factors I love about this cafe are the nett pricing for all the food (but again, prices might be factored in already) and their friendly and efficient services.

Until then, the hunt for delicious brunch continues.

Cali Cafe

Tel: +65 6684 9897

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

31 Rochester Drive, #01-01
The Rochester