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Monday, May 27, 2013

17 Satay Bee Hoon @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Singapore

Not long ago, the owners of the legendary Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon were selling their recipe for S$200,000 due to health issues and believe it or not, more than 10 parties including a local food group, have expressed their interest. Now taken over by 17 Satay Bee Hoon and as it name suggests sell the similar dish made using a completely different recipe (which the owner, Mrs Ye shared that it has a history of more than 30 years in Indonesia). Debates sparked naturally, saying the new owner is riding on Meng Kee's established fame and reputation.

But you know what? As a hungry cyclist who had just finished his tiring cardio, I am not that interested in all the gastronomical politics. Oh by the way, haven't did I try Meng Kee's satay bee hoon before.

Over the years, the Chinese-Malay fusion dish has gained much popularity with the younger crowds with its savoury flavour and an abundance of textures consisting of cuttlefish, bean sprouts, prawns, cockles and vermicelli, completed with a huge scoop of the deciding factor - the crunchy and thick satay peanut sauce.

I am not a fan of satay bee hoon, but this dish did impress me. Considering the price tag of S$4 at a laidback tourist attraction, the portion is more than expected with a generous serving of every component. The star of the dish was never less than satisfying, although it packed a lesser crunch than the others I had before. Nonetheless, I bet you would savour(lick) the remaining gravy off the plate soonafter.

17 Satay Bee Hoon

1220 East Coast Parkway
 East Coast Lagoon Food Village