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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Great Redang Escapade Part 2

The highlight of the trip is none other than snorkeling. Aside from my recruit days in Pulau Tekong, I've had been to Batam, Langkawi and Pulau Tioman, and the waters in Redang are one of the clearest. Again, I am still thankful that we were blessed with such good weathers, which might have affected the clarity of the waters and the brightness/colours of the corals.

During the second snorkeling trip, we had amazing opportunities to marvel at the beauty of God's creation, such as schools of colourful fishes, beautiful corals and a wide variety of anemones (like the one below which resembles brown noodles imo).

Jesline with "noodle-anemone"

These underwater pictures are taken by the resort staff, which can later be brought at RM$7 each in digital format. Again, it's quite a hefty price, but all for memories sake, aye?

Equipment rental is charged only once regardless the length of rental. Mask and snorkel are charged at RM15 per set, and the same price goes for the lifejacket as well. Being considerate to spectacles-wearing snorkelers, power mask (with degree) are available for rent at RM35.

The best possible thing after every water sports is food. You burn calories more than anything else when you're swimming and the cold water is just another booster for your appetites. And that's when the buffet comes in. But before that, more camwhore action:

Typical girls' poses

Me and Victor having our gay moments

Unlike Langkawi, where seashells and dead corals lined the shoreline, they are barely found in this island. But again, we had been warn that these sea-life (dead or alive) belongs to the island, and if caught in possession, one would be imposed with a hefty fine of RM$20,000. Anyway, if you're keen to get some souvenirs back home, you might want to drop by the gift shop.

Coolest photo ever

Jump shot never goes out of fashion

We actually skipped the afternoon snorkeling trip, as we thought snorkeling in marine park was about the same experience as Pulau Tioman. Hence, we opt to go for kayaking instead (RM20 per kayak/2 hours). We actually kayak around the island's corner to another resort, where we stopped by for a quick rest and drink before continuing back.

"The More More Tea Inn was used as the main location for a successful Hong Kong movie, ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY starring Sammi Cheng and Ritchie Ren. Summer Holiday' tells a story of the friendship and love between the characters amongst the spectacular view of Redang Island.

Initially designed as a temporary structure, the set was unable to withstand the harsh island weather and rapidly deteriorated. In 2003, Laguna Redang Island Resort restored the building to its former glory with more robust construction methods and materials.

The famous More More Tea Inn

It is now one of the most popular attractions and a photography spot, particularly among visitors who have seen the movie. The Inn currently houses a gift shop for Laguna Redang Island Resort and offers a variety of souvenir items, handicraft, soft toys, apparel, accessories, toiletries, snacks and beverages."

The third and final day arrives and after a filling breakfast, we were ready to say our good-byes to this beautiful haven. All in all, I can see myself returning to Pulau Redang for it's beautiful waters and relaxing life-style, surrounded by the heart-felt warmth that the locals provide.

Our last photo in Redang