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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Food for Thought @ Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Amidst the lush greeneries of Botanic Gardens lies Food for Thought (FFT), a brunch-dinner place big enough to sit at least two-hundred hungry diners. As most of you all might know, the FFT outlet at North-Bridge has closed down and currently, the other outlet is at Queen Street's 8QSAM. Different from the latter, Botanic Garden's is mostly self-serviced - you order directly from the cashier and the service staff delivers to you. Oh, and you get the water yourself from the water-station as well. The result is the waiver of 10% service charge, or as they put it nicely - it is their pleasure to serve you.

Helmed by Singapore born and bred executive chef David Heng, hecontinually aspires to serve every individual guest with sincerity, and share his appreciation for the blessing of good food for a good cause. I like it how FFT has meaningful missions such as making poverty history, giving clean water and inspiring kind acts. No matter to what extent, knowing and most importantly, practicing what you preached by giving back to the society, especially the lesser privileged is what makes me impressed.

Having your favourite dose of caffeine, be it a frothy Cuppucinno (S$4.50) served with lemon biscuit  or a calming tea of Chamomile (S$3.50) would be lovely before the mains, although to be honest, the drinks didn't pack much of an oomph.

Classic Works, which comes in different sets - Basic (S$8), House (S$14) and Full (S$20) is one of their more popular dish. Moreover, it comes with customizable individual sides, such as everyone's favourite smoked bacon and scrambled eggs, hash brown, chicken sausage and ciabatta. The basic set plus garlic mushrooms (S$12.50) was fairly satisfying, but nothing to rave about. But what could you expect for the price? For one, the scrambled eggs were done up nicely with the consistency like MacDonald's, while the smoked bacon was a tad too greasy.

If you prefer something lighter, why not have the delightful Smoked Salmon & Broccoli Plate (S$18) - a salad of of generous amount of flaked hot smoked salmon, roasted beetroot, chargrilled broccoli and aioli? One of the best salad dish I had so far I would say. Love the salmon by the way.

Other food items include pancakes, burgers, pasta and fillets, as well as desserts, featuring their signature Semifreddo Parfaits and cakes. All in all, FFT makes an ideal place for a short escape from the bustling urban lifestyle, have a lazy weekend brunch and perhaps a nice stroll in the beautiful gardens.

Food for Thought

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun : 8am to 9pm
(Last orders at 8.30pm)
1 Cluny Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanglin Gate)