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Friday, March 9, 2018

孟想陈真 - Wedding gowns with Seletar Broadway

I'll be honest- we signed up for a wedding gown package even before I proposed. If there's one method to lock your other half in, it's this. Of course, *cough* you can always change the name or even sell the package, but let's not steer the topic.

One day, Lady M and I came across this bridal fair at Suntec, which in all honesty, we thought it was a huge bridal fair with various vendors. But uh, there was only one company - Seletar Broadway - in the space of a meeting room. "Let's just take a look", we stepped inside with an open heart as it was our virgin experience going to wedding fairs and we did not plan to sign any packages impulsively. Guess what? We did. 
Reviews for Seletar Broadway ain't great online, perhaps that's one of the reasons you are looking at this blog right now. In fact, before signing up, we told the salesperson that we wanted to head somewhere to discuss (psst, it wasn't easy to leave as they were pretty persistent). We googled about past customer's experience, gown selection and quality, and whatnot. We ended up praying and heading back to Seletar Broadway's wedding fair.

Here's a tip - Never settle for the original price. Bargain. And ask for freebies.

Here's our package that we sign ultimately:

for the groom
3x blazers
1x custom-made shirt and pants

for the bride
2x wedding gown
1x evening gown
1x casual dress (for photoshoot/ROM)
1x wedding kua
1x trial make-up
1x bridal make-up*
faux accessories (necklaces, headpieces, etc.)
1x bridal bouquet

3x additional blazers (for fathers, etc.)
corsages for bridesmaids
boutonnieres for groom and parents
bridal car decoration
accessories for following cars

Price: $2388 (incl. GST)

*we had to top up $100 for an early-morning charge (before 7am - $50/h), and $150 for an addition make-up and hairdo for second march-in. To be honest, we thought it was included in the package, which goes back to the first tip - Bargain.
Here's another tip - Make sure the terms and conditions are clear. Some boutiques are known to charge extra for "premium gowns". At the point of signing the package, none of these was mentioned but your choices are limited to old or outdated designs. If you choose the nicer ones, a premium (usually around $200-300) would be charged. Per gown. Long story short, make sure what you are signing for. Thank God, Seletar Broadway is not one of them.

The price is pretty competitive as compared to other companies, which we did a little research after. However, we have already paid a non-refundable deposit of half the sum, so there's no turning back. For our first gown fitting appointment, we were kinda sceptical because of the negative reviews. What if their gown selection is limited and the designs are outdated? What if this and that? We went down, were greeted by the friendly staff, sat down to choose the gowns for fitting, and we realised that all the worries were for nothing. Their selection of gowns are updated seasonally and have designs for brides of all sizes.
Before you go, have an idea of what you want to get. Come up with a theme, and perhaps a colour theme, then search the web and save inspirations from Pinterest, etc. Don't be overwhelmed by the selection - this I could say that Seletar Broadway has lots, and try all the dresses. Chances are that the boutique would not have the exact same design, but you could always show it to the staff and perhaps they would get you something similar. What we did was that we selected all the designs we like, compare the pictures side by side, and filter out the top five or so to try. 

Also... Bring your actual-day heels and nude bra (or strapless). Strut around in your heels to see if it's easy to walk in. Also, there is a high possibility that you will be trying out at least one off-shoulder gown so that's where your hidden cups come in.

Sexyback won her vote.
Important tip: Take photos from every angle for every gown you try. Trust me, it's not easy and tiring to change in and out of a gown... Not that I have worn one before. Taking photos help you decide which ones are your favourite and which looks nicer on photos at the end. Lady M tried 6 white gowns and 4 evening gowns in total, in the span of approximately 3 hours. I'd say that's pretty fast.

Do not ask for so many views. In fact, if you want to invite people to serve as your advisors, include those who you are close to, and make it no more than two or three. For one, having so many viewpoints cloud your judgment. Two, you may end up offending some parties. "Ask me to come and give you advice, but don't listen, ask me to come for what?" For our gown fitting, there was only one other person besides Lady M and myself - my mum. Ultimately, choose what you like, simply because you will be wearing it.

Don't worry if it doesn't fit at your first appointment. The gowns were tailored for the previous person, so don't worry if it is slightly loose or tight. They will be nicely tailored according to your body after you have chosen it. That being said, if you want to change your selection after confirmation, there will be a charge. Best to make up your mind and stick with it (just like choosing your spouse).
And... we ended up choosing this.
As part of the bargain package, they were nice enough to include one gown rental and one blazer for our DIY photoshoot in Iceland. If you haven't read it all here. But here's a quick tip - gowns, especially those with long trains (the extra cloth at the back that most girls love) and bling-blings are heavy. Gowns weighing 5-kilograms and more are not surprising, so consider that in your luggage weight.
For the groom, the only suit I rented was this silver blazer and vest, which I wore for my overseas photoshoot. As of the time we rented (February 2018), Seletar Broadway has an extremely limited selection of blazers, with the standard colours of black, blue, gray, and white. Other than the silver tux, the others look really tacky and outdated. 
I also wore it for our London photoshoot as well, which you could read all about it here. In the end, I had my suit made elsewhere. Let's just say, I am glad I did.
Photo by: JR Studios

Honestly, I have zero idea where all those were coming from, as our experience at Seletar Broadway from the start till the end was exceptional. The selection wasn't the best, but their services are commendable. We went down a total of six times. Troublesome couple, I know, but the staff were still very helpful and welcoming, and flexible in assisting us to change the appointment timings.

Would I recommend Seletar Broadway?

Short answer - Yes, for their professionalism, fuss-free experience and gown selection (definitely not the suits though). Having said that, there are other boutiques that may offer better and perhaps cheaper alternatives. Do your research, visit more bridal fairs and boutiques, find out about their style and pricing, you'll definitely find one that suits you.

Click here to see more photos of the gowns.
And with a little practice, you can even dance in it.
Seletar Broadway is located at:
548 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Street 54, #01-2014 / 2016, 560548

This post is partially sponsored by Seletar Broadway.