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Friday, October 27, 2017

9 Days Iceland Summer Road Trip Itinerary: Day 5 - East Iceland

On Day 5, we explored Eastern Iceland with the intention of self-taking our pre-wedding photos and my engagement proposal. Since the drive was short, we decided to wake up slightly later and had the best breakfast we had at our Airbnb's host with servings of cheese, jam, salami, smoked salmon and bread. The best thing? It's free of charge!

Airbnb (Þjóðvegur) > Egilsstaðir (2 hours)

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining with the cold winds. Without much hesitation, we began to make quick stops in between the drive towards Egilsstadir for our DIY photo shoot.
I have received some enquiries on the bridal gown and suit, so here's a short FAQ:

Did we rent the costumes in Iceland? 
The answer is no. We had a kind sponsorship from a bridal studio, Seletar Broadway, which rented us the bridal costumes for free when we took up one of their packages (review on that in the future). 

Where did we change into our costume?
Well, in the car (FYI, it's a Volkswagen Polo). We drove to a place where there aren't any people. To be honest, in a country like Iceland, it's not difficult. Especially for the lady, changing into a bridal costume in the car wasn't easy.

How did we take the photos?
Tripod and my trusty Canon 550D. I know, it's an entry-level camera, but I'm broke as shit. My camera skills aren't that great, so we just took and trust that we will get a few good ones. Again, for the lady, who's wearing a more revealing dress, the cold hit her really hard and I had to set the timer, pose, grab a jacket for her, check the picture, and repeat.
The coastal route is really scenic and I recommend that you make occasional stops to admire the horizon. It's mind-blowing to think that the next land at some distance in this direction is actually Norway. For the night, we have booked another Airbnb in the town of Egilsstadir. On the way to Seydisfjordur, you would have to pass by Egilsstadir, so check-in and rest if you wish, or grab a bite at their bistros before heading to Seydisfjordur.
Our favourite town: Seydisfjordur
Egilsstaðir  > Seydisfjordur (30 mins)

Lady M and I have decided that our favourite town in Iceland is Seydisfjordur and it was also where we concluded our photoshoot. This sassy little town serves as an important harbour due to its proximity to other European continents. As you go around Seydisfjordur, you will notice that their Norwegian-inspired houses are painted in with various colours, which makes this town pretty unique - and uniquely pretty (got it?)
Besides the cute houses, there's a huge pond in the middle of Seydisfjordur, where you can have an unobstructed view of the opposite side of the town. Not forgetting the Blue Church, which is probably their most popular attraction with its distinguishable architecture and colour. However, please do note that it is only open for visitors during summer. There's a pretty rainbow walkway just in front of the church with quaint restaurants and bars lining both sides. If you have time (and money), I would recommend you to just chill out at this beautiful town.
Seydisfjordur > Gufufoss (5 mins)

On your way back to Egilsstadir, drop by Gufufoss to envy the beauty of (yet) another waterfall. One can get really up close with this waterfall, and it's just a mere 2-3 minutes walk from the carpark.
Perhaps, by this day, you will be like "HARR?? Not another waterfall again?!" However, this waterfall marks the place where I proposed to Lady M. You may ask, why do it here? But why not, the view is stunning (except for the freezing weathers), in addition, it's a surprise to end today's trip.
Gufufoss Egilsstaðir (25 mins)

End the day at Egilsstaðir with a dinner at one of its bistros. For the lady's birthday celebration, we opted for Salt Cafe & Bistro. Their menu was pretty extensive which ranges from burgers to wraps, soups to pizzas. We ordered cod fish and chips, beef burger, and a chai latte to warm up ourselves. Together with a slice of cake (which they have decorated really nicely), the bill turned up to a total of approximately SGD$95.
We ended the night at a charming Airbnb - probably the best one we stayed so far. The spacious communal area provides a great view of the lake and is stocked with games, music, and utensils which are shared amongst 4 other rooms in the same house.

Stay tuned to Day 6 of this 9 Days Iceland Summer Road Trip Itinerary!