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Friday, March 16, 2018

孟想陈真 - Wedding blooms from A Better Florist

A Better Florist. Everyone knows about them, especially after last year's Valentine's Day, where orders either came out wrong or late. We were one of them, as we waited in the office when everyone had left and we were still waiting for our phantom bouquet - almost an hour after the promised delivery time. The flowers did not arrive in the end, and I was more disappointed than my ex-girlfriend (well she's my wife now). You can't blame my scepticism when A Better Florist approached me last November to write an article in exchange for a bouquet. I thought everyone deserves a second chance and I said okay (who would mind a free bouquet anyway), but honestly, asking them to sponsor my bridal bouquet is a huge step of faith.
The folks at A Better Florist were nice enough to sponsor the bridal bouquet. We exchanged several emails about our ideas on how we want it to be, confirming (and double-confirming) the location and timing to be delivered. On the actual wedding day, we didn't get to see it at the point of delivery as we were all busy settling our guests, schedule and what-not. They were told to deliver it to our reception area, and thank God, they did.

And they did it, on time.

I had some time before our second march-in, so I decided to take the bouquet out for some pictures while Lady M was doing her make-up. Here's how it looks like on my phone camera:
About the Bridal Bouquet
We were pleasantly surprised by this adorable bouquet of fresh blooms made with flowers like roses, hydrangea, ranunculus, wax flowers and alstroemeria. I am a total noob when it comes to flowers, so everything sounds pretty alien, but it was near perfection. The flowers were nicely matched and arranged, and they were fresh with the scent of a garden. We couldn't find any flaws with it and we were thoroughly satisfied with the bouquet. Ultimately, my wife is happy with her flowers and that's enough for me.
My verdict? 
If you do a search online, there are both bad reviews (mostly by those affected ones during the Valentine's period) and good reviews - some of which are obviously sponsored, and others which I believe are genuine. As much as this is sponsored, this is an objective and honest review of my personal experience with A Better Florist.

A Better Florist might not be the best florist in the market, but they are definitely getting better. Their prices are competitive with fresh blooms from Cameron Highlands, and they do same day delivery (to any part of Singapore!) as well. To reduce chances of disappointment, I recommend that you order during non-peak seasons for perhaps, giving a nice surprise to your partner for no reason, just because she is who she is.
This post is fully sponsored by A Better Florist.