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Friday, September 29, 2017

Snacking around the World with DreamBox

Ever had the feeling of returning back to Singapore and missing all the great overseas snacks you had? I definitely do, and I thank God for DreamBox, a local initiative by two students - Simon and Joshua - who aim to deliver snacks from all over the world to your doorsteps. Every month or so, they will scout the world for delectable sweet and savoury snacks. For the month I got my starter pack which consists of 5-6 snacks, you can probably guess that it's annyeong-Korean-hasaeyo time.

You can't choose and wouldn't know what's inside your DreamBox, and that's the fun thing. Simply choose your package from a selection of Starter (5-6 snacks), Deluxe (10-12 snacks), and Dream (15-18 snacks), add a few optional add-ons, wait for your package, and enjoy with a buddy or two, or devour the whole thing yourself.

Dream Good. Do Good. That's what they believe in, that even the underprivileged have the opportunities to pursue their dreams. That is why part of their earnings is being donated to these people. You get to eat snacks while doing charity. Now you can enjoy your guilty pleasures while feeling, well, uh not so guilty. Two birds, one stone.

That's what I got for this month, ready to be surprised next month? 

Order your box here now: