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Friday, September 1, 2017

Duck and Waffle @ Bishopsgate, London

Widely known as one of the best restaurants in London, Duck & Waffle is a high-end restaurant situated at the heart of the city. Duck & Waffle was the first few restaurants that Lady M and I placed on our makan (eating) list. Despite booking a month ahead, we did not manage to get any slots for dinner so we settled for lunch instead. Yeah, that’s how popular it is, so if you are planning for a romantic dinner, plan ahead.

Besides being a 24/7 establishment (yes, you can still get your fix at 4am), it brings your dining experience to a whopping 40-storey experience. After going through a brief security check on the ground floor, we took the lift all the way up – which was really, really fast – but I mean, who needs to fork out extra for a breathtaking view of London?

Here's a top tip: If there is a dish with the same name as the restaurant, try it. That's what we did, and the Duck and Waffle (£17) did not disappoint. Comprising of crispy duck leg confit, fried duck egg, set on one of the tastiest waffles I have ever eaten, drenched with mustard maple syrup, no wonder this is their best seller. The key is to eat every component in a single bite - a winner combination of sweet and savoury.

Here's another top tip: At Duck and Waffle, sharing is caring. Order a few dishes to share, because there are simply too many things to try for one (not mentioning its hefty price tag)! Try the Miso Glazed Rabbit (£19), which comes with roasted cauliflower, suet biscuits and crispy cabbage (that taste like seaweed). As simple as it may look, this dish is absolutely amazing.  Or should I say, simplicity at its best.

For starters, go for their Smoked Eel (£10), a bite-size appetiser, enhanced with creme fraiche, horseradish and samphire (yup, the green garnishes). Great to ready your palate for the mains.

I can't get over how great their homemade Rosemary and Garlic Bread (£6) was - I will easily put this as a must-try. The aroma of garlic and butter along with the woody, fragrant herb. Infused right into this bread with a soft, fluffy centre. I don't know about you, but I just had breakfast and I am hungry again. Expect to wait though, because they are not kidding when it says "freshly baked bread" on the menu.

Here's the last tip: Make sure you mean tartare means raw. Don't be like us. The Angus Beef Tartare (£11) arrived and we asked the waiter if this was raw after debating whether this was (at least) smoked. Yes, we did not know this despite we have a self-acclaimed food-blogger (that's me). There is no doubt denying the freshness of this top-quality Angus paired with pickled onion, marmite egg yolk, and mustard. If you are unlike us, and enjoy something slightly more adventurous, go for this.

So here it is. Have you been to Duck and Waffle? What's your favourite dish?

Duck and Waffle

110 Bishopsgate, 
London EC2N 4AY