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Friday, October 24, 2014

Teadot Cafe @ Westgate, Singapore [CLOSED]

With a whole lot of cafes poppin' out in the West recently, it would be a high order to catch up with this proliferation. You know what, we actually have this whole, long list of cafes to try out and strike it off the list, but it looks like we are adding more than subtracting it. Nevertheless, we got to try out Teadot cafe after deliberating for quite a while, but still decided to head on with it. 

This modern, yet dainty cafe located at Westgate attempts to reinvent the art of tea-tasting, bringing in gourmet tea drinks to people from all walks of life. Tea is the main thing there, and quite obviously, as its name suggested. It was within lunch hour, so we chose to have their lunch special - roasted chicken sandwich and tea, and a salmon rosti to go along with it.

Roasted chicken sandwich (S$12.95, which includes a choice of coffee/tea during lunch hours) was kinda dry. The roasted chicken breast was just lightly seasoned, and topped with cheddar cheese. If only there's sauce to balance out the texture and give it a twist of flavours, that would be great. Oh, the salad has no dressings as well. Otherwise, this is good for anyone who's on diet - minus the potato chips.

The tea which comes along with the lunch special was brewed Ceylon tea. I am no tea-person, but the flavour was enriching and holds depth to it, indicating that the tea leaves were of good quality. Perhaps that was the only thing I gave it a thumbs-up, as the Salmon Rosti (S$16.95) was quite a disappointment.

Smoked salmon was good, in terms of quantity and quality. Conversely, the rosti was overly soggy and holds no sign of crispiness. Why it could have happened: (1) the potato strips were too thick for a rosti, (2) the raw hashed potato was not drained in a proper manner, (3) the heat used for cooking was insufficient.

It's no wonder that it's only 20% filled on a weekend afternoon (and even took them more than 30 minutes to prepare the food). Given it's quality, it will be a long while until I head back, not to try out their mains, but perhaps their desserts and tea. 

Until then, this cafe remained strike-out on my list.

3 Gateway Drive