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Friday, October 3, 2014

Faculty of Caffeine @ Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru

Situated along Jalan Trus, Faculty of Caffeine (FOC) is the brainchild of two childhood buddies, Vinc and Edward, who are both enthusiasts of coffee and design. The exterior is difficult to be missed, with its hipster-matte-looking black-and-white signboard set upon walls of pastel blue. Given that most of the shop-houses along the stretch were unfurnished and old-fashioned, FOC sure sticks out like a sore thumb.

As expected, its interior were designed with no less thoughts. With a combination of chic and vintage, it allows a cosy space for timeless furniture, such as a vintage sewing machine and a huge mirror with Chinese characters, completed with artwork designed by the owners - a place where coffee meets art.

We had some time before our next activity, but decided to drop by to try what they have to offer. We weren't exactly hungry, so we went for something light - FOC Citrus Salad (RM9.50), a beautiful combination of croutons, bacon slices, laid upon a bed of crunchy greens and finished off with a citrus, tangy dressing that is sure to excite any taste buds.

To go along, I had their concoction of fruity drink - a refreshing complementation of peach and raspberry. This drink can never go wrong on a hot, sunny day.

Well, I decided to get coffee, but then I was reminded of the caffeine withdrawals I had. To date, I am still trying to keep my caffeine intake as per two cups a day.

Nevertheless, my partner had the Chamomile tea (RM11) - her favourite to calm her temperamental nerves (she don't read my blog, but please don't tell her that), she had a slight cold that day, might as well get something warm to clear her nasal cavity as well.

At FOC, there are monthly specials to look out for, but well, caffeine is still a highly recommended item, especially when the signage bears the wordings. Nevertheless, there are still other offerings, such as breakfast and desserts, that I wanted to try on my subsequent visits.

All in all, FOC is really worth trying. Four reasons why:

(1). Chillax atmosphere to talk nonsense with your friends

(2). Great food and drinks, with reasonable prices

(3). It's a 10-minute walk away from the customs (which translates to about 5-minute walk from City Square)

(4). The female staff is pretty

If you can't find FOC, it is located opposite Galleria (Kotaraya), and next to Plaza Seni.

106, Jalan Trus
Johor 80000