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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lei Garden @ Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore

Hailing from the great land of dim sum, Lei Garden is a chain of high-end Cantonese restaurant that serves fine Chinese dishes and exquisitely crafted dim sum, amidst a classy and contemporary interior. Up to date, Lei Garden has two branches in Singapore - Orchard and Chjimes, both are conveniently located near the train stations. Constantly on the lookout for great dim sum, Lei Garden was a recommendation by both family and friends. Our visit on a Sunday afternoon was welcomed by long waiting lists and dozens of reservations. Fortunately, we were offered al fresco dining (just a nicer word for "outdoors") within 20-minute of waiting.

Their myriad selection of dim sums is quite standard, with the classic range of siew mai, har gau, cheong fun and a variety of steamed buns. Don't worry, picture references are provided if you read on. But for a start, their Custard Buns (S$4.30 for 3) are gastronomically AWESOME. A flowing, good combination of egg yolk custard and salted-egg enveloped in soft, fluffy buns are standard benchmarks for a good custard bun. Well, tick and tick. Custard buns are a must order here.

The sight of molten, golden lava flowing out of the bun always call for photo opportunities. 
Well, foodgasm too.

Egg Tarts (S$4.30 for 3) is highly recommended. These sinful temptress boast a flaky crust with a soft, golden center that would make it simply irresistible to stop at one.

Xiao Long Bao (S$5.20 for 3) is a good combination of thin dumpling skin, which encapsulates an explosion of tantalising and juicy  pork fillings. Compared to Din Tai Fung's rendition, this loses in both quality and value. Decent nevertheless.

Prawn Dumplings (S$5.20 for 3), otherwise known as har gau, are beautifully executed, with succulent prawns hidden within a thin layer of translucent skin.

Most of their other dim sums fared on an average score. As you might have noticed, their dishes are not cheap at all. Compared with references to the other dim sum restaurants, Lei Garden is on average, per basket/plate, S$1-$3 more expensive. For a much higher price comes with higher expectations, Lei Garden's dim sums are good, but definitely not at the top of my list.

Lei Garden

Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road