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Friday, February 28, 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction @ Art-science Museum, Singapore

Step back in time and journey through 600 million years - to an ancient time when dinosaurs roamed the very Earth we are standing on. With hundreds of prehistoric collections, which exists in both forms of life-sized replicas and real fossils, dinosaur-lovers from all walks of life is bound to be intrigued by the many different exhibitions they have to offer. Some noteworthy fossils include one that is found in Argentina just a few months ago!

The title of the exhibition "Dawn to Extinction" pretty much gave a good summary of what you could expect - a journey through the prehistorical periods when the mighty creatures existed, namely the Precambrian, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. With a dino-name like Nomsaurus, it's high time to visit some of my distant relatives.

I won't bother to bore you with the Barney bits, but would rather let the pictures give you a sneak peek of the exhibition.

Replicas, such as dinosaur skeletons, claws and artists' impression of how different dinosaurs look like would get you glued to the exhibition for hours. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can also get the chance to interact with several specimens.

Oh, this is interesting. It's a fun fact that the creature (as pictured below) is the ancestor of all mammals (at least that's what the curator said), which in other words - is OUR ancestors. Nah, I am better off thinking that Adam and Eve are my first ancestors.

Visitors could also download a free app for Apple and Android devices, a digital companion to accompany the physical exhibit, allowing much integration to maximise one's experience.

Well, although it states - no touching, ah well, who could resist a cute dino-skeleton?

Guided tours (1 hour in English/Mandarin) are provided as well, and it's best to check their availability beforehand. We followed the tour and found it amazingly detailed and interesting for both the young and the old. Not to mention that the curator was very, very enthusiastic (a much needed characteristics) at her job.

Guess what's this?

Well, it's a replica of a single neck vertebrae of the towering Brachiosaurus. Just look at that sheer size!

One of the highlights of the exhibition is none other than the fearsome T-Rex, a carnivorous giant with hands that could barely scratch itself. Here's another fun fact: their maximum speed was only 11km/hr, as their heavy weight rendered running a nearly impossible task for them.

Enough spoilers for now, this exhibition is highly recommended for everyone, as it proved to be both an enriching and immersive experience for us. Don't wait until this biggest dinosaur exhibit in the world is over. Cos'you don't wanna missed it.

After the exhibition, we watched the whole 3-part Jurassic series once again. 

Just saying.

Tourist Admission Ticket
Adult: $24
Senior Citizen (65 + years): $21
Child (2-12 years): $14

Local Resident Admission Ticket
Adult: $20
Senior Citizen (65 + years): $18 
Child (2-12 years): $13 

Exhibition dates
25 Jan - 27 Jul 2014

Artscience Museum opening hours
Daily: 10am – 7pm including public holidays
Last admission at 6pm