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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The King Louis Bar & Grill @ Vivocity, Singapore

If you are intrigued by all those medieval knights donning a hardened suit of crimson at Vivocity, you are not alone. Those man-sized armoured models are actually advertisements or signboards for the first and only medieval castle-themed restaurant in Singapore, also known as The King Louis Bar & Grill. To have another restaurant by the name of Queen and Mangosteen, which is nestled at Vivocity fascinates me for some reasons.

That is not all, stepping into The King Louis is similar to entering a world of medieval in Ancient Europe - furnished with classic, specially crafted wooden furnitures, accompanied by a life-size white tiger model. What is a castle without knights? Well, the restaurant is guarded by knights as well, so don't try to think of any funny ideas. Ah yes, it features a scenic view of the harbourfront as well. Therefore, if you want the best seats, do yourself a favour by placing reservations early.

Most of their menu items are named well - medievally, such as Knight Lancelot, King's Banquet or my personal favourite Sir Thomas' Tea Selection (simply because we share similar first names). In the end, we chose Queen Isabelle - a sharing platter for 2 (enough for 3, or even 4) consisting of a gastronomic combination of roasted beef with black pepper sauce, premium BBQ baby back ribs, roasted Queen pullet in English style and lamb steak with rosemary herbs, completed with a salad of coleslaw and fruits.

Among everything that falls on the platter, the succulent and flavourful BBQ racks was my favourite, whereas the tough beef and lamb steak were hard to swallow, especially the former. I even had to use water to assist me with the swallowing. Big fail.

They claimed that inside the castle, which I supposed is the restaurant, you will be treated like King Louis himself. I hoped he did not choked on their tough steaks. Otherwise, The King Louis is awesome for everything else, except the food. Perhaps, a beer or two with your besties is the most ideal thing you could do here.

The King Louis Bar & Grill

Tel: 6276 0862

Opening Hours
Sun - Wed: 1200 - 2200 hours
Thurs - Sat, & P.H. Eve: 1200 - 2300 hours

1 Harbourfront Walk