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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicken Hotpot @ Serangoon Nex, Singapore

Chicken Hotpot was something we always wanted to try at Serangoon Nex - the ingredients coupled with boiling broth looks appetizing, their concept of "Shanghai-nese buffet hotpot" is refreshing, what else? Oh yes, televisions screening them as a featured restaurant and what typical Singaporeans look for in a "die-die-must-try" makan place - snaking long queues.
The Shanghai-inspired restaurant has a couple meal going on for approximately $30+, which includes the Spicy Prawn hotpot and Chicken Claypot, along with a jug of thirst-quenching fruit punch/soft drink.
The Spicy Prawn hotpot is recommended for chilli-lovers looking for an intriguing fusion in their mini-hotpot. French fries in sambal broth?! Don't be alarmed like yours truly. It was my virgin experience trying out this unique combination as well, and trust me when I say that it is addictive. Prawns-wise, the meat lacks in juiciness and appears to be slightly overcooked. For health gurus, just a friendly warning that the gravy will be quite oily to take in.
Their signature Chicken Claypot was the highlight of the entire meal, with tender and succulent chicken meat simmered in thick and flavourful base over long hours. It is paired with crunchy celery, capsicums and onions. However, the amount of chicken meat was rather disappointing, if not, paired with glass noodles, the Chicken Claypot would make a perfect choice for any individuals looking for inner warmth in a chilly weather.

Not enough? Grab some ala carte items (S$1+ to S$3+) and cook them in the refillable broth!

All in all, Chicken Hotpot is not really "wow-inducing", but it would do fine for people looking for convenient and fuss-free hotpot meals, else the slightly hefty price.

Chicken Hotpot

Tel: 66369179

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 - 10:00

23 Serangoon Central