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Monday, February 19, 2024

OUMI Modern Japanese Kappo @ CapitaSpring

In yet another blink of an eye, Lady M and I were celebrating out 6th year wedding anniversary. Here' s a fun fact! The traditional gift for six years of marriage is actually iron - a symbol of hardiness and strength. Marriage is a huge topic to be covered for another day, but for starters, don't belittle celebrating the little milestones of your marriage! So for this year, I decided on OUMI - a modern Japanese Kappo restaurant with a western twist. Located at 51st level of CapitaSpring, it is probably (if not) the highest omakase restaurant in Singapore. We later noticed that we came to Artemis two years ago, also located within CapitaSpring.
For starters, we had the Kabocha Uni Tofu (S$30), a perfect rendition of pumpkin, homemade tofu, and a generous portion of uni. The staff was meticulous in describing the ingredients and steps involved into preparing this dish. We had doubts on combining soy, pumpkin, and a strong tasting seafood, but this was a perfect, melt-in-the-mouth combination.
Besides the tofu, my favourite was the Foie Gras Monaka (S$15), crispy wafer filled with a heck load of goodness - a culinary masterpiece boasted a luxurious foie gras ganache, complemented by the briny pop of salmon roe and delicate seasonal flowers. It's a whole explosion of flavours and it looks like art. I mean, would you just look at this.
Gyutan Yaki (S$25) is a wonderful side to go along. If you haven't had beef tongue, make this your virgin experience and you won't be disappointed. It's tantalising, tender, robust yet flavourful. Highly recommended.
Next up - mains, which for some reasons we always order more or less the same thing - fish and lamb.

Gindara Misoyaki (S$45) - black cod grilled to perfection. Every cut from the fork flakes so beautifully and delivers a flavourful punch as it absorbs the Aotogarashi miso broth. It's no wonder why OUMI paired this dish with a soup spoon.
I opted for the Kohitsuji Yaki ($65) - and is probably one of the best lamb racks I've had. The meat tender and complements well with a sliver of fats, finished by a touch of lemon balm and myrtle. Not too much as to being jelat. They provided a lime, but I really recommend only adding it to the last few bites to savour a lemony touch.
What's a celebratory dinner without alcohol? OUMI has a selection of cocktails, and we had the Silk Merchant (S$20) and Oumi Blossom (S$20). The former was stronger with a sour note, like how I like my cocktails. Oumi Blossom tasted like alcoholic fruit punch. A perfect drink for beach day it seems. We requested to order a dessert at their other restaurant and sit at their outdoor bar, Arden, which the staff gladly obliged to, and we ended the night sipping on cocktails and listening to the live tunes.
OUMI is nothing short but amazing. Lady M and I love the whole concept and experience, and would love to come back again for their other offerings.

OUMI Modern Japanese Kappo Restaurant
CapitaSpring #51-01, 88 Market Street, 
Singapore 048948