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Friday, December 10, 2021

Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia!

Time flies, when you're having fun, filled with parental stress and all the anxieties that comes together with having a child. During the end of November, our not-so-little Olivia turned three. And it's amazing how fast and how big she has grown.

I remembered the cries inside the operating theatre three years ago, and the two drops of tears that rolled down my cheek. I remembered the difficult transition when we had to learn so much in so little time. I remembered the first time she called "papa", her first step, her silly laughter and giggles. I remembered the countless times we had our evening walks in her little carrier, which eventually become walking side by side her, as she rode her little scooter.
And... of course, we need to dress like sharks. Doo doo dooooo.

We had plans to get her a pinata cake online, but was quickly put off by the ridiculous price (about $200 for one). If you have no idea what's that, it's basically a spherical chocolate structure, filled with candies, chocolates and even toys. To get what's inside, they have to slowly knock the chocolate walls till it crumbles and reveals all the goodies inside.

So, I tried making it. For the first four times, I tried, but failed. Mixing white chocolate coverture and compound and what not, trying several ways to take out the structure without cracking its delicate walls. I tried and tried. Like Thomas Edison, this Thomas tried 1000 times until I succeed. All those nights trying, was all worth it with this smile.
And... of course, I need to put her favourite Kinder Bueno eggs inside.

The theme was under the sea, as she likes mermaid, seashells, swimming, baby shark, you get it. So I had little creatures made out of white chocolate almond (which is too sweeeeeeet, didn't eat it in the end) and white sugar balls to imitate pearls, paired with floral cupcakes lined with gold flakes - mainly for the adults.

We decided to DIY the whole thing, so we had balloons and the huge shell (psst, it's a float) ordered from Taobao, and got it set-up in the afternoon. Hard work by the way. Got to hand it to us and our helper.
Since the measures have slightly eased, we had our family over to celebrate Olivia's birthday. And girl, did she had loads of fun, playing, eating, dressing up, and opening so many presents (she woke me up 7am the next morning to play the Lego we got her). 

It was fulfilling albeit tiring. 
Another year for her, and another year for us.

Here's to a better one. Like always.
God bless you, my princess.