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Friday, December 3, 2021

Birthday Staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa (Haagen-Daz Package)

After impressing us with their super child-friendly amenities at their Orchard branch, Shangri-la has been on the top of the list when it comes to bringing our little one(s). So it was almost a no-brainer where to book for Olivia's birthday staycation to celebrate her 3 years on earth.

Olivia was so excited whenever we showed her the hotel's video on YouTube. Now fast forward to the day...

Our Deluxe Sea View Room
We checked in at around 4pm. There wasn't any queue (thank God), so the whole process was pretty fast. Their deluxe sea view room is of comfortable size with most in-room amenities you would expect, such as bar counter with complimentary tea/coffee. The bed was slightly high for Olivia, so we had to place a stool beside the bed for her to come up and down freely. Cot is available upon request too.
Now this is the money shot, straight right out of our room's balcony - a unobstructed view of the sea. Paired that up with the swimming pool, private beach, and beautiful clouds hovering on top of Sentosa, I'd say this is the view I don't mind waking up to, every. single. day.
And so it happens, when we were looking for Shangri-la deals, we chanced upon this limited promotion -  a Haagen Daz-theme staycation, featuring a whole freezer worth of ice cream, and a set of take-home merchandise which includes bath bombs, cushion, face masks, and even a really cute high-quality teddy bear (you can tell by its fur that it's not cheap ass). 
I mean, just look at this lovelies, including $20 vouchers so we could get more ice cream. And so it happens, their newest outlet is just nearby at Waterway Point! WOOHOO.
They also had this really nice welcome box which includes chocolates, cookies, and berries, as well as this pretty box of pistachio nougat from Vincente Delicacies. We did mentioned that we are celebrating little Olivia's birthday, so they were really nice enough to include a chocolate cake (by far one of the nicest) for her.
Toilet has a standing shower, no bathtub unfortunately, but no biggie. What I absolutely love is the level of details. They added a set of children's toiletries probably because we indicated that there will be a child. Now that is some 5-star service right here.

I will tell you why we are in love with Shangri-la Rasa:

1. A Private Beach with COMPLIMENTARY Kayaking
Shangri-la Rasa prides itself as Singapore's only seafront hotel with a private beach, and it holds so darn well. Imagine waking up to a view of the pool, beach and the sea. There's nothing more Sentosa than this.
We had the Haagen Daz promo, so we got a complimentary signature desert as well. Although it took close to 45-min to arrive, just look at this fancy pinata, that we need to crack open to indulge in the ice cream inside. Olivia was smarter, she simply lifted the whole cap.
If you are interesting, kayaking is complimentary (wow) with a minimum height limit of 100cm. I asked Olivia if she wanted to have a go, she said "yes", which turned into a "no" just minutes after, which dashed my dreams on kayaking one after so long.

2. A Water Playground
As compared to Shangri-la Orchard, this is significantly smaller (and less fun), but you know, whatever floats Olivia's boats. There's water slides, swimming pools, and a mini water play area (splash pad), which could easily occupy 1-2 hours of her time and tire her for a good night sleep.
3. Art & Craft Corner Zone
With different activities every day, we knew we just had to try on both days. The first day we made a fan, and on the second, a photo-frame. They have lots of prepped materials, like coloring tools, paints, water color, pencils, markers, and a wash-up area so you could clean up your child's mess after everything.
4. Mini Toots
Indoor play area with colorful slides and cushioned-everything, so you won't worry that your precious one would fall and hurt themselves. For older children aged 5 and above, they have another play area, which looks significantly more fun, called "Toots".
5. Nestopia
Outdoor playground with high climbing activities. We were running out of time, so we did not try this out. Just a note that this is payable at $8-10 per pax (depending where you book it).

Dinner at Trapizza
After a long day of fun-filled and energy-draining activities, we were so excited for dinner. Located just a far stone throw (about 5 min walk) from the hotel lobby, just beside Nestopia, Trapizza is a casual Italian sea-front restaurant which uses a wood-stone oven to bake its pizza. And I can tell you this. ONE OF THE BEST PIZZA EVER.

Its crust was so good, paired with the toppings, finishing 6 out of 8 slices were no feat for me. I could easily eat two whole pizzas on my own. We got the Aglio Olio as well. oh Lord. Perfecto as well. God bless the chefs.
Good night
Night came, and while little Olivia is asleep, we had a nice personal time at the balcony, drinking chamomile tea and chatting away with this view.
Buffet Breakfast at Silver Shell Cafe
For my wife, Lady M considers the hotel breakfast as one of the major ranking components. I don't blame her now that she's eating for two. Since its COVID period for the loooooooooongest time, we had to order via phone, and we pretty much got most of the items. Disclaimer: It wasn't their menu was limited. Olivia and I had a morning swim so our appetite was ginormous.
English breakfast set, bread basket, cheese, bacon, oatmeal, chicken noodles, dim sum, prata, toasts, waffle, yoghurt, cereal, fruits, 6 cups of drinks and what else. I was craving more meat even after everything, but too bad their kitchen was closed.
Verdict: One of the best hotel breakfast. Just I do not like the idea that a particular waiter arranging egg tarts with his bare hands straight after pulling his pant (or undies). AND birds eating off uncleared plates.

Excellent experience as expected from Shangri-la. I mean, we expected nothing less when we booked it. Services are lacking as compared to their Orchard branch, but their sea-view and beach made up for that. Recommended especially for family with children (with endless energy to spend), or even for couples for a getaway.
Olivia did not want to go home after we checked-out, and made a fuss. Well, to be honest, this is a sign that the hotel has succeeded in capturing a child's heart. Great job, Rasa.