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Friday, July 8, 2016

Kyushu Pancake Cafe @ Thomson Road, Singapore

Good news pancake fanatics! Kyushu Pancakes (from Japan, duh!) has recently arrived in Singapore's Novena Regency, after expanding their franchise to Taiwan. What's up with the craze, that you have to reserve your seats days or even weeks before (or risk being turned down)? Or, what's so special about their pancakes? For one, their batter is made of a mix of Kyushu's finest grains and wheat, and contains no artificial fragrance, additives or processed starch. Two, their food is seriously #instaworthy

Let me start with their Salted Caramel French Toast (S$14.90). The light crisp on the outside, paired with a warm, moist interior is enough to make me drool. Research revealed that the toast is prepared the night before, so that it can soak up all the flavours. Topped with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, let me tell you, if heaven is a place on earth, it's in this French Toast.

American Big Breakfast (S$22) is only available at Singapore's branch, but I don't recommend it. After all, you're here to try out Japanese stuff. If it's called Japanese Big Breakfast, maybe you should give it a go. What then would it consist of? Sushi and miso soup served on naked bodies? I'm just kidding.

Eggs Benedict (S$18). Don't expect your bacon slice to be crisped, because it ain't Western yo. I like how the different textures and flavours come together, especially the asparagus and Japanese hollandaise sauce!

Okay, here's the real deal. Karaage Chicken Waffle (S$19) is a MUST-ORDER. I mean, holy balls, just look at the beautiful crispy skin, it's really juicy and succulent if you're wondering. It's so good that you can even eat it on its own. Mai siao siao. If there's something that's #fingerlickinggood, it's this baby.

Not enough of their pancakes? There's always Kyushu Good Ol' Classic (S$7.90) - served with white wine honey and fruit sauce. Oh, and they do sell their batter mix as well, so you can make these babies at the comfort at your own home. Uh needless to say, not cheap hor.

YEEEAAAP. Happy and smiley pancake.

Forget your diet. If you're looking for some side dishes, grab some Truffle Fries (S$8) and Spam Fries (S$6). Definitely great additions to share among the group.

Matcha MontBlanc (S$18) is highly recommended - totally #instaworthy. I mean just look at that. The only complaint I have is that the flavours of the cream were too light, but again, perhaps the lighter-tasting folks might dig it (and perhaps, you don't feel as guilty after gobbling this down).

There you have it folks. Kyushu Pancake Cafe should definitely make it to your to-go list. Prices are slightly high (about $25 to 35 per pax), but it's definitely worth a try. Perfect for families and gatherings, just remember to reserve your seats before coming. Don't say I never give warning hor.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe

Tel: 6352 6265
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun (11am - 9pm)

275 Thomson Rd, #01-08
Singapore 307645