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Friday, August 7, 2015

SG50: Happy Birthday Singapore!

As the whole of Singapore usher its 50th jubilee year, it has really got me thinking that it is indeed a blessing to reside here in this shiny red dot. From a fishing kampong (village), Singapore has now evolved in a matter of just half of a century, to one of the world's most successful cities. Typical of a Singaporean, one might argue, ya la, Singapore laws are very strict, we kenna (got) fine for everything ah, CPF cannot take out ah, housing and COE (certificate of entitlement, for vehicles) so expensive ah, and why our "world-class" transport always break down especially when limbeh (modernly used as "I") is late for school or work. But did you once think that in some countries, they do not even have public transports and because their government bochup (do not care), rapes and murders happen commonly.

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As a food blogger, of course food is something I thank for, every single day. Food is our common language. Right here in Singapore, we are blessed to have hawker centers and kopitiams - a one-stop convenience to house delicious treats from different cultures (thank you Singapore for multi-racialism), and at affordable prices too. Moreover, we have 24-hours eateries across the island. Even at 4am in the morning, we won't have to worry about getting hungry. Within a one, or perhaps two kilometer radius, confirm plus chop there's one stall opened throughout the night.

Singapore is known to be one of the safest country in the world (and one with very few/zero natural disasters). It is comforting to know that you don't have to be worry about your belongings and life all the time. Although it is not recommended, people use hand-phones, laptops, and other valuables to chope seats (Singapore's system of booking seats) too. I don't feel that strangers are gonna grab me at the back and gay-rape me or rob my few dollars. Coming home from abroad, I always feel safe. However, having said that, it doesn't mean there's zero crime here. It is, of course, always better to take good care of yourself and your possessions no matter where you are.

Definitely, there are more things to give thanks for - (generally) transparent government, clean and green initiatives, diverse multi-cultural scenes, accommodation that looks like lego-blocks, public facilities within walking distance from home and many more. Sometimes, I just felt that instead of complaining for what we do not have, we should appreciate what we have, because somewhere in the world right now, people are fighting wars, people are starving from a lack of food, people are being ostracized from their own societies, people are dying from diseases, and people are wishing for a life like yours.

P.S. I'm not a saint, I still complain like crazy some times. It's just a thought which I too, constantly remind myself.

Anyway, not to sound so somber.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! I hope I can live long enough to celebrate your hundredth birthday. Here's to a better government, more awesome food, and a brighter future for Singapore. HUAT AH!