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Friday, May 1, 2015

+39 Gelato Bar @ Circular Road, Singapore

Nestled within the vibrant Circular Road, the newly opened +39 Gelato uses state-of-the-art gelato machines to craft up the most delicate desserts in their rustic and industrial-inspired bar. Of course, machines are one thing, these highly-skilled gelato chefs make their prized babies in-store on a daily basis, so you won't need to worry about stale, overnight gelato. Moreover, the natural and high-quality ingredients are sourced only from the best. It all sounded really exaggerated. Until you try them.

Ever wonder what's the difference between gelato and ice-cream, or the complex process of making gelato? The director of this gelato-cum-bar, Jacopo Quaglia shared these with us, if there's one word to how he did it, it's gotta be passionately. He is seriously mad and passionate about gelato, so much, you can see gelato in him (just like how you can see God in a holy person). Okay, bad example. Nevertheless, according to Jacopo (2015), gelato has lesser fat, preservatives and air incorporated, as compared to ice-cream, which makes gelato obviously the healthier and money-worth option. While ice-cream's shelf life is probably a few months, gelato can only last for three days max.

If you are wondering why they do not show off their gelato in glass displays, it is because that exposing the gelato to air contaminates its freezing process, and that is why different flavours are churned and stored in different cylinders of a world-class equipment. 

At +39 Gelato, eight flavours are available daily, which are probably more than enough to have you spoilt for choice. Quality, not quantity, remember? During the food tasting, we are fortunate enough to savour the flavours of hazelnut, coconut mint, pistachio, chocolate, mango, strawberry, and others which have skipped my memory. Many of us agreed that pistachio was the chioest flavour amongst all. Okay, bad pun. It is not surprising, given that the flavour derives from real pistachio nuts, which were grounded into a fine and smooth paste.

Truth to be told, their gelato was the best I've ever had in my life. The flavour was well-balanced and natural complemented with a smooth and velvety texture that melts in your mouth. It is literally better than sex.. okay, maybe not. Equivalent. Unlike most gelato restaurants, this place is a bar as well. Yes, that meant gelato cocktails! Damn it, what brilliant invention is this? For starters, have a go at their Frozen Aperol Spritz (above left) which is sure to satisfy anyone who wants a high on gelato.

Besides gelato alone, they come in options such as with waffles (or wowffles - as they call it, which is by the way, made without sugar) and buns. Also, there are days where unique flavours, such as milo, goat cheese, and even Szechuan peppers (what a paradox of hot and cold together). Oh dammyum, I wonder how it would taste.

Jacopo and his co-founder, Stefano Cadorin (finalist of Gelato World Tour 2015) are real cool people. I mean, they wouldn't even hesitate to do a shitty, constipated pose (literally) with me. Did I mention that they are Italians too? Oh here's another fun fact: +39 is actually the country calling code to Italy! Not bad huh, maybe limbeh will set up a laksa stall in Italy and call it +65 Laksa. 

All in all, if you are looking for gelato, oh wait, or should I say - one of the best gelato available in Singapore currently, do try out +39 Gelato. It's a promise that you won't leave here unsatisfied. It is with no doubt that this place has now been included into Nomsaurus limbeh's favourite dessert place.

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+39 Gelato Bar

29 Circular Road
Singapore 049385