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Friday, November 14, 2014

Movie Review - Interstellar

What’s beyond earth? Throughout times, humanity is always trying to explore outside this assigned space, and stepping into new boundaries. It might be fantasy, and literally an “out of the world” experience for some, but for me, the concept of space is likened to the unexplored, untouched and undisturbed deep seas, and they are surely as creepy as hell.

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Nomsaurus gave Interstellar


Directed by Christopher Nolan, better known for his Batman series, Inception (2010) and The Prestige (2006), Interstellar is a sci-fi movie flick that brings audience into extra-terrestrial lands through a team of explorers who seeks to find a new home for humanity amidst the realms of the unknown.

Casting-wise was simply brilliant. I could not have thought of any other actors than Matthew McConaughney to play the protagonist, Cooper, a family-oriented ex-explorer who got the higher calling to save humanity. He is emotional, loving and highly sentimental, yet strong and firm, so much that viewers could empathise with his character. Credits are given to Mackenzie Foy (Murph) and Anne Hathaway (Brand) for their incredible acting too. 

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While Interstellar is very, very thought-provoking and might be difficult to comprehend at times (like most of Nolan’s movies), I encourage you to sit back, munch on your popcorn and immerse yourself into the incredible cinematic and brilliant visuals and sound effects (hail the great Hans Zimmer). The plot will unfold itself eventually, with a few un-expectable plot twists throughout. Some concepts, like the fourth and fifth dimensions, wormholes and other galactic terms, might be hard to grasp, but fret not as there is always Google to answer them.

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Many critics likened this movie to the Space Odyssey (2001), but I beg to differ. Albeit the resemblance, Interstellar itself forms a new genre in this new-age cinematic. Interstellar is more than a movie, it is an art – a visual masterpiece that transcends any other, one that reconciles emotions, meaning and film.

Go watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

Interstellar is epic shit.

Interstellar is OFF-SCREEN currently.