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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eggs & Berries 2 @ Westgate, Singapore

Having been there earlier this year for their brunch, I decided to visit Eggs & Berries once again. This time bringing a different date - well, my mother. Having a quirky and conceptualized name such as "Eggs & Berries" left little room for guessing, as most of their creations contain either the components of eggs or berries.

Eggs & Berries is well-known for their all-day American breakfast. Thus, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't try their breakfast dishes out. For starters, go for their Italia Eggs Benedict (single, S$14.90; doppio, S$18.90) - beautifully poached eggs complemented by a combination of English muffin, parma ham, salad greens, caviar and drizzled with hollandaise sauce. You know what's better? Perfect, runny egg yolks. (On this visit, rosti was unavailable, so they have to switch the side to hash-brown instead.)

Currently, they are having this weekday lunch promotion at S$12.90, consisting of a soup, main dish (choose from Pan-Seared Pacific Dory, crispy Chicken Aglio Olio, Braised Beef Stew), and a refreshing glass of home-made ice-lemon tea. Available only from 11am to 3pm, and not applicable during public holidays and their eves.

Their rendition of Cream of Mushroom was overly-chunky and too creamy. And, I swear it tasted like baby food. Contrarily, their Duck salad (top-up for only S$2.50) was simple, yet packed with an array of textures and flavours, ranging from sliced almonds, crunchy greens alongside juicy duck slices and tomatoes halves.

Crispy Chicken Aglio Olio wasn't crispy at all, however the chicken cutlet was soft and juicy. I usually do not take chicken breast, but it is this kind of quality that is building back my faith for this supposedly dry cut. As expected from a restaurant with "Eggs" on its branding, their eggs was done up fabulously - not too wet, but just the right consistency, a little runny with a soft golden center.

Two visits, and both does not disappoint. Like I mentioned back in the older post, I will definitely be back to try out the "Berries" part, which is very well their desserts.

Eggs and Berries

3 Gateway Drive