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Monday, May 26, 2014

Arteastiq Boutique Tea Lounge @ Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

A month has passed since I last posted about bringing my girlfriend to Tablescape at Movenpick Heritage Hotel (Sentosa) for her birthday, and now this post, well, will be talking about an afternoon we had at Arteastiq on my birthday. Again, I would like to address the lack of updates again, and it's because this month has been filled with assignments and examinations, as one could expect in an undergraduate's life. Following that, I will be making a trip down to Taiwan again next week, and hopefully, could explore some new places and recommend nothing but the best to you guys!

Nevertheless. Arteastiq is located at the fourth level of Mandarin Gallery Orchard, and has a good overview of the buzzling street. Arteastiq (meaning "art of teasing") embodies the essence of luxurious living, completed with modernistic furniture and bar-lounge, offering a great city-getaway for people from all walks of life. Besides encompassing a cafe, diners could go for "art-jamming" to release their artistic juices on the canvas provided (of course, for a fee). Unlimited acrylic paint, sponge and brushes will be provided.

As the name suggests, teas are their signatures, and have a fascinating variety of hot and cold teas, ranging from the fruit versions to alcoholic teas. For myself, I chose the chilled Lychee Tea (above, S$11) - a refreshing one I could definitely use on a hot and humid day, and comes completed with two biscottis (twice-
baked biscuits). Girlfriend had a little flu, so she opted for the hot Ginger Lemon-grass Tea (below, S$11).

Since their new menu launch earlier this year, breakfast is now ALL DAY. You heard me right. Try out First Blush (S$17.80) - two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, paired with scrambled eggs, salmon and rockets.

Another image to stir your appetite.

For myself, I had the Prime Dawn (S$20.80) - a combination of pan-seared potato and broccoli medallion, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheesy grilled tomato and rockets, as well as a choice of either bacon and sausage. I have not yet tried the bacon, but the sausage was awesome, and is definitely recommended over the latter choice.

The top view reveals the hidden potato medallion from the previous image. Nevertheless, do expect a lot more scrambled eggs for this dish. Definitely more hearty and filling than the prior dish.

I have read several negative comments on their services, but service was pleasant on this visit.

Besides breakfast item, they do have a good selection of brunch and dinner items, such as steak, salad and rolls. Not to forget, signature ice cream, personally I have tried a few from my previous visit, and would definitely recommend them, if not for the hefty price-tag. Food is relatively good, but with the high prices, Wild Honey would offer a better choice any time.


Opening hours: 
11:00 am-10:30 pm Daily

Mandarin Gallery, 
333 Orchard Road