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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MacDonald's Surprise Alarm

First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates in this recent weeks as the bombardment of a never-ending assignment list, which includes essays, presentations, tutorials, and more essays. Perhaps, that was what they meant by the "university life". Nevertheless, I make it a point to check the blog's comments and requests (hopefully) on a daily basis, so, keep the comments or whatever rolling!

Secondly, recently I stumbled on this MacDonald's "Surprise Alarm" app from the Apple store, which features.. wait for it.. wait for it.. A FREEBIE (Singaporeans like this) whenever you set a daily alarm. Note that I say - daily, because Ronald MacDonald probably know how kiasu we are and has limit us to only one free gift per day. 

Nevertheless, this freebie comes in the form of treats, videos, music tracks and more. Don't ask me what's "and more", because so far, I have only gotten a free Kelly Clarkson song (which I have long ago obtained it by illegal means), kopi and hash brown (with any purchase = chey).

(above) Cool interface, huh? The skyline change in real-time every time you slide the ring.

(below) And.. This are the freebies I was mentioning:

For more information on how to get it and Terms & Conditions (which I know no one bothers to read after the first two words), visit their official page here:

Now don't say I never share good stuff hor.