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Friday, January 10, 2014

Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction, Singapore

Nestled outside the second floor of BHG in Bugis Junction, Miam Miam is the newest addition of cafes locally. Bringing a combination of French artisanal cuisine and Japanese-inspired culinary arts, this casual restaurant promises the fresh flavours and the charms of the best of both worlds. Well, as a guy, shopping can be a tiring and sleepy chore, hence I always find comfort in desserts, and as a method to pick myself up via a sugar rush.

Alongside with a dose of their Matcha latte (S$6.80) - a soothing mixture of premium matcha and steamed milk, we had their highly acclaimed French Toast (S$9.80). Originally known as "pain perdu", their rendition of this French classic was fluffy, yet robust with a hint of sweetness. It comes with a scoop of home-made whipped cream (which I thought was vanilla ice cream initially) and maple syrup as well, and it is only sane to indulge a good piece of toast with those amazing pairings. As they say, good things are worth waiting, most of their desserts, including toasts and souffl├ęs have a waiting time of 20 minutes (while they do their magic in the open-concept kitchen).

Chocolate Molleaux (S$9.80) is similar to chocolate lava cake, but unfortunately doesn't have a good flowing core. Perhaps a shorter baking time might fix it, or maybe their cocoa was overly-rich, well.. so many factors to affect a good dessert. Nevertheless, I am a sucker for gastronomical sin, especially chocolate. It is completed with home-made softee.

If you have a thing for matcha, try out their Matcha pancake (S$10.80) - matcha softee and matcha jelly served on a thick, fluffy matcha pancake. Okay, I utilised 3 "matchas", you get the point. Perhaps their pancake was too thick for my liking, but it's of course, subjective to individual's preference. Nonetheless, matcha is at its best at Miam Miam.

Currently, Miam Miam has opened two outlets locally at Bugis Junction and Westgate, with upcoming plans to expand into the Philippines, United States, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and adding to their current branches in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. This experience is enjoying and will definitely be back to try our their other offerings.

Miam Miam

Tel: 6837 0301

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction