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Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Tasting at BLooiE's Roadhouse Bar and Grill @ Science Park Road, Singapore

Roadhouses are a common sight in larger countries like the United States, Canada or Australia, where passing travellers would take a bite or a night's rest on the way to their destination. But when it comes to having a roadhouse in Singapore, it would be almost impossible and impractical (and I wouldn't go on grumbling about the lack of living spaces locally), not until you visit BLooiE's Roadhouse Bar and Grill. Nestled in the serene vicinity of Science Park, this casual restaurant which was opened by a Canadian named Sarge Sargeant, serves authentic Western affair in their large air-conditioned space, completed by recreational facilities, such as a stage, billiard table and a full-fledged bar. Diners could otherwise opt for al fresco dining - a great opportunity to enjoy their meal under the night sky while enjoying the breeze.

I wouldn't go so in-depth into the 12-year history of the restaurant, but I know some of you might find it difficult to process: why BLooiE? Okay, I didn't get the part why it's a complete mess of capitals, but "BLooiE" was actually the name of their beloved hush puppy, which unfortunately had passed on. Oh, by the way, Sarge has an absolute amazing Taiwanese wife, Fiona who is the proud owner of Lee's Taiwanese.

Let's start off with their signature Beer Butt Chicken (S$38.80), which is definitely a MUST order. The reasons are no less than a whole chicken marinated with spices, herbs and infused with the most amazing alcoholic drink - beer. The chicken will be then prepared for a long, slow grill to gastronomical perfection (with a can of beer up its ass).

Needless to say, the slow grilling process has produced a tender, juicy and flavourful chicken meat that tears off easily from the bone. This dish is completed by fresh salad and their famous cajun fries, which taste so good in their home-made cheddar cheese dips. As always, good things are worth waiting for - Beer Butt Chicken has to be ordered one day in advance.

Compared to other pizzas, BLooiE's rendition of thin-crusted Pepperoni Pizza (S$22.90) has slightly more cheese to crust ratio, which accounted for its gooey, flowing cheese. Lovely for sharing with your best pals along with a few pints of draft beer.

BBQ Chicken Wings (S$13.90) were pretty good with its smoky flavour amidst the mild spiciness, but unfortunately, were marked down for the tough, overly-chewy skin.

Blackened Dory (S$18.90) is marinated with cajun spices, then pan-fried to a nice crisp on the exterior and soft inside. It is completed with seasonal vegetables and dipping sauce. I can't remember which sauce came with which dishes, but pair the dory with their home-made mushroom sauce, you would thank me for that.

Their 250g N.Z Striploin steak (S$29.80) was grilled nicely to our requested doneness with really pretty grilled marks. However, the steak we had was a combination of disappoints - tough, gnawy and juiceless. I wouldn't doubt the chef's ability, as Fiona revealed the recent change of suppliers could be the cause of lower meat quality. Nevertheless, the dish is completed with mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables.

BLooiE’s Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger (S$16.90) was the second highlight (for myself) during the meal. 180g of grilled beef patty is sandwiched between two home-made burger buns, alongside with the beautiful combination of mushroom sauce and bacon. Now, pair it up with some cajun fries and salad, and you got a typical America casual dinner.

Good quality cocoa does not flow as much, because the cocoa content outweighs the liquid/milk ratio. And that's what BLooiE's used for their Molten Chocolate Cake (S$6.80). Exterior was a little crusty, which probably resulted from over-baking. Other than that, the textures and flavour is worth for any chocolate lovers asking for second servings.

Once again, I would like to express my thanks to Openrice for organising this food tasting session, as well as, the kind hostess, Fiona who accompanied and entertained us throughout the event.

BLooiE’s Roadhouse 

Tel: 6775 0446

Science Park ll
21 Science Park Road #01-01
The Aquarius