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Friday, November 1, 2013

After You Dessert Cafe @ J Avenue, Bangkok

Nestled comfortably on the streets of Thong Lor 13, After You proved to be a popular dessert cafe with endless long queues on the weekends as locals and tourists drop-by for brunch, dinner and mainly, their famed desserts. Currently, the cafe has a total of 8 branches all across Bangkok, hence if you want a shorter queue, skip the shopping mall branches and head to the one at Thong Lor instead. Nevertheless, with its famed reputation, After You is definitely in our cafe-hopping list.

Most people came for their famous Shibuya Honey Toast - cold, dense vanilla ice cream served with warm, thick butter toast and whipped cream. Now, the highlight lies in their home-made honey that could easily satisfy anybody's sweet tooth. If that is enough to get you addicted, take-home jars are available as well.

Their rendition of Chocolate Lava is petite, but packed a chocolatey punch no less than usual. Dusted with chocolate and sugar icing, it is completed with vanilla ice cream and diced strawberries. For chocolate lovers or people who enjoys the best of both worlds, this is one dessert that you simply do not want to missed out on.

My lovely friend, Derrick ordered Matcha Mille Crepe, a green tea version of kueh-lapis (layered cake), which has a light flavour and soft, airy texture in each and single bite. With everything so high on sugar, this serves as an alternative for people who would prefer something lighter over a cup of coffee or tea.

In case I have not made myself clear enough, After You is a MUST visit when you are in Bangkok. I mean, as a Singaporean, we just simply love every place that has long queues, right? Just kidding. Believe me, you won't regret this.

After You

Opening Hours
Daily: 10am to midnight

J Avenue
Thong Lor 13