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Friday, October 11, 2013

Roast Coffee and Eatery @ Thong Lor, Bangkok

A recent trip to the "city of angels" brought me to Seenspace in Thong Lor 13, a newly opened boutique mall, which housed a good number of trendy and quirky restaurants, such as every children's favourite Mr Jones Orphanage and Belon, where oysters are best served fresh. Likewise, Roast offers a gastronomical haven for both coffee and brunch lovers, serving a selection of tantalising international dishes and caffeine crafted by the hands of their seasoned barristas. Amidst their decorations of mostly rustic wood furniture, small pots of greenery, and artistic art pieces hanging from their high ceilings, lies the pride of Roast - a full fledged roast machine glistering in the colours of golden black.

The robust aroma of coffee beans whiffed into one's nose the moment they set foot into the restaurant, best known for their caffeine expertise. If you still have peculiar doubts, do take a look at their certificate of the national barista championship in 2012, displayed proudly on their front desk.

For coffee-lovers, be prepared to be spoilt for choices at Roast. Steer away from normal choices like latte and cappuccino, instead, try out their house mixes such as Magic - a robust, smooth-defining cuppa that is definite to give one a quick caffeine boost. As for coffee-haters, fret not, for they boast a neat selection of teas, like my favourite 'Roast' iced-tea, a beautiful concoction of freshly brewed tea, lychees and mint leaves.

If there's another specialty of Roast aside from caffeine making, it's got to be their brunch. Be pampered with choices like sandwiches and Egg benedict (B320), your preferred choice of meat (which is salmon in our case), set upon toasted bread and topped with hollandaise sauce. The accompanying salad has an overpowering taste of vinaigrette though.

Roast's rendition of this french classic is rich, slightly chunky and creamy, but unfortunately failed to capture the fragrance and the essence of the clams. However, in comparison with Greyhound Cafe's version, which has a broth-like consistency, I do prefer this.

Casserole proved to be a decent comfort dish with its herby sausage and baked potato patty lined with shredded duck meat. Oh, I don't supposed the slices of crusted bread were included just to pump in the fibre index, but it doesn't really matched the potato. We dipped it in chowder in the end.

Sundays are definitely the busiest moments at Roast, whereby one would expect a queue without reservations. Otherwise, Roast is a heaven for comfort food lovers and for those who are looking for a nice place to hang out while watching the world go by. Definitely a MUST visit at Thong Lor.


Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 10am-11pm;
Sat: 9am-11pm; 
Sun: 9am-10pm

Roast, 2/F, Seenspace
Thonglor Soi 13 
Bangkok, Thailand