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Monday, October 15, 2012

Oblong Ice Cream @ Balmoral Plaza, Singapore

Anyone who understands me knows that I love desserts and good ice-cream (even better if it is hand-made) tops the list. Alright, I mean who doesn't fancy a scoop or two of these delightful creations on a hot humid weather, such as in Singapore?

Nestled quietly at the basement of Balmoral Plaza, Oblong Ice Cream is easy to be missed, but venture inside this humble mall and step into this cosy haven - a place ideal for studying or just chilling out with mates. They also provide a small comic/magazine stand for reading pleasure and also delectable selections of chic music playing softly in the background.

Oblong's uniquely named ice cream (Tarik the Teh is an interesting one) is rich in flavour and has a thick creamy texture. Some of my favourites include Milo, Rum & Raisin and their best-seller - Lychee Martini.

It goes for S$3.00 per scoop with additional 60 cents if you ordered the star flavours.

We also had the Plain Waffle w/ 2 scoops (S$9.00). Rum & Raisin and Chocolate are our choices and boy, they surely do go well with the piping hot waffle. Just a heads up - to ensure only the freshest is served, they make the batter upon ordering. However, the batter was a tad over-mixed and has an overwhelming eggy taste. And.. I would prefer my waffles to be crispier and drizzled with hot fudge though.

Similar to most local ice-cream shops (e.g. Island Creamery), have your photo taken for free and leave an everlasting memory here in Oblong Ice Cream.

Of course there is me and my fellow cellgroup members from Newton Life Youth Ministry (NLYM).

Take a break and slow down the pace of your life. Grab some ice-cream and your favourite comic book. Relax. Oblong Ice Cream is such place to head for.

Oblong Ice Cream


271 Bukit Timah Road
Balmoral Plaza