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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Mountain Cafe @ Somerset 313, Singapore

BLUE MOUNTAIN CAFE (Somerset 313) is moved to Illuma, Bugis.

After some light Sunday shopping and dessert at Cold Rock, we decided to go for seconds at Blue Mountain Cafe, which was conveniently one level above Cold Rock and situated just a stone's throw away from Uniqlo
A table for four was cleared for us, and we were promptly ushered to our seats by the manager/boss (from the looks of it). Their sofa chairs were surely a plus point - a good resting haven for tired feet after a day of walking.
In a cafe which specialises in premium coffee, I hesitated no further and ordered a cup of Kenya AA (S$6.90). The drink came in a coffee apparatus, which was then poured into a cup by one of the service staff. The grade "AA" coffee emanated a pleasant aroma, had a well-balanced taste between sour and bitter, and was completed with a mild after-taste and a slight sting to the tongue. For the price, this coffee is definitely worth your bucks.
Mama Kook had her Cafe Au Lait (S$6.90), coffee served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The drink was so bitter (perhaps they forgot to add some sugar) that she had to ask for sugar syrup. My girl ordered the Matcha Tea Latte (S$6.20) as she was not much of a coffee lover.

For some small bites, we ordered a plate of Baked Mussels (S$8.90), topped with tomato paste, cheese and parsley flakes. The mussels were pretty well-baked, but overall, the dish was a tad too dry for my liking and I had expected the cheese to be more gooey.

Close up of that fresh goodness.

Timothy, my only younger brother and a culinary intern at Shangri-la, had the Japanese Curry Baked Rice (S$11.90). The chicken strips were tender and the wet, runny cheese complemented well with the Japanese curry. BMC could definitely do a better job garnishing this delicacy though.

He also had their Choco Mint Latte [not in pictures (S$6.20)].

I have read some pretty decent reviews about their desserts as well. But maybe till next time!

Blue Mountain Cafe

Tel: +65 6836 9301

Opening Hours
Daily: 10am – 11pm
313 Orchard Road
Somerset 313