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Friday, April 29, 2022

Easy, Fuss-free Confinement Meals with ReLacto

Most of us know the importance of the confinement - the period after a woman gave birth. It allows her to recuperate, to rest after doing the most noble task on earth. Having a good confinement is also a restart button, you may end up even healthier and stronger after confinement. That is why most people go after confinement nannies. We did too. 

But according to older folks, do you know that confinement period is actually 40 days, and even up to 100 days? Uh, so what happened after the nanny left after 28 days?
After settling back in work after my extended paternal leave (I took 1 month in total), it is pretty bothersome to check what could my wife, Lydia, eat. To be honest, I'm not an expert so everything looks ok to eat. That is why we kickstart our ReLacto journey shortly after our confinement nanny left. This is to ensure that my missus is getting sufficient nutrients to recover as well as to support her breastfeeding journey. ReLacto is unique as they place great emphasis on ingredients that will provide both recovery and boost the quantity and quality of her breastmilk.

Getting ReLacto
I absolutely love the fuss-free procedures of having their meals. Basically you sign up for a package of x number of meals, and the food will be delivered to your doorstep every single day! To ensure food quality and that it's nice and warm, the food are placed in biodegradable boxes and stainless steel flasks INSIDE a thermal bag. The next day you hang the thermal bag outside your door, and they will simply replace it with your next meal!

To be honest, customer service is superb. Aside from the occasional feedback request, they would call to inform you that the food is outside.

ReLacto Food
We ordered the 21-day dinner as we thought of having a proper confinement till the 50th day or so. It consists of 3 dishes, 1 soup, and 1 lactation drink. And to be honest, it is good for two small-average eaters. We don't eat much for dinner so Lydia and I actually shared the meal.
We have high expectation from ReLacto as it is created by Tian Wei. Yes, the huge confinement food provider. And they delivered. The food is fresh, and more importantly, absolutely delicious! More often than not, we ended up licking the boxes. 
Our favourites include Fennel Seafood Soup, Mint and Lemon Marinated Salmon, Yuzu Chicken, and their Lemongrass Fenugreek Drink! All, as what I like to call them, NEH NEH BOOSTER - helps to increase breastmilk! (TBH a lot of mummies, especially new mummies, are very concerned about their breastmilk, which may result in postpartum depression). Here's a consolation - all their meals are crafted by their head chef, Eugene, and dietician, Eunice Tan, to ensure that mummies get the best nutrients!

If you're curious what's on their menu, click here. Here's a sneak preview of what you might get:
If you are like us:
- Don't know what to eat for confinement (or after nanny left).
- Lazy or no time to cook.
- Wants delicious, yet healthy confinement meals.
- Wants more quality breastmilk for your baby.

Choose ReLacto.

Here's to a healthy and smiley baby.
This post is sponsored by ReLacto.