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Sunday, January 16, 2022

A Letter to My Son

Dear Emmanuel,

In about one month's time, daddy and mummy are going to carrying you in our arms. It came to a point of time when we felt that we are ready for our second baby, and in accordance with God's timing, you came into our lives. Slowly but surely, you grew larger and stronger, as with mummy's appetite. Now she eats a lot of chocolate, ice-cream, mala and Thai food! It is as if you are ordering food via mummy. Be strong, be healthy, that's all it matters.

You have a big sister, Olivia, who is about 3 years older than you. We have prepared her for your arrival and we can see that she is excited to welcome her best playmate. She chose for you a baby bunny and even pinky-promise that she will share her toys with you! Did you hear her praying for you? Did you hear her kisses through mummy's tummy?

Do you know why we gave you this name? We name you Emmanuel because it means God is with us. He is with you every single moment of your life, even when you are in mummy's tummy. Your Chinese name means victory and triumph. Wherever you go, you will excel, and most importantly, your presence will be a blessing to the people around you, you will bring joy and love into their hearts. You will be greatly loved and favoured.

Now that Papa is more experienced, I seriously hope that you'll be better taken care of. But at the same time, please be kind to Papa and mummy, okay? Sometimes, although our decisions do not make sense to you, but please know that it is for your own good. At every milestones in your life, Papa will always rejoice with you. At every walk, Papa will always walk with you. As much as Papa wants to be your role model and best friend, I know you will definitely be a greater man than Papa.There are and will be challenges in our lives, but no matter what, you are Emmanuel. No matter what, we are always with you. 

We love you, my little man.

With love,

Daddy Thomas

P.S. Grow up quickly so Papa can have an excuse to play video-games with you.