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Friday, October 29, 2021

Matsukiya by Sushi Tei @ Paragon

Lady M wanted something Japanese during our babymoon earlier this October, and I thought, where could I find a nice place to feed her and the little one? And that's when we chanced upon the more atas branch-off from our all-time favourite Sushi Tei - Matsukiya. Now we are all pretty familiar with the budget friendly options from Sushi Tei, and its student weekday buffet (oh the memories), but Matsukiya is different. Its slightly higher price point also meant.. 

An experience like no Sushi Tei

Located at the atas Paragon (how fitting), Matsukiya is hidden beside its sister, Sushi Tei. Now, I used hidden, because we missed it the first time. In fact, we might have walked past it without realising that it's Matsukiya. Stepped inside, you will see limited seating with a central counter where chefs performed their skewers-grilling skills over Japanese bincho-tan, that is, white charcoal. Its dim lighting and dark floors make it looks like you're at a fine dining place. But you know what's the good thing? Its ventilation. So you don't walk out feeling you need to empty a Febreeze on you (cough, Seoul Garden).

It's menu is simple, and exquisite. I supposed more atas restaurant always have their menu on a single page. Of course, we just got to order their signature Wagyu Foie Gras Don ($55). This freaking bowl of rice is the epitome of orgasm in every. single. bite. Imagine this. Mizayaki A4 ribeye and foie gras that literally melts in your mouth. Topped it up with a perfect onsen egg and a ridiculous amount of salmon roe - you know, those that goes pop, pop, pop in your mouth. If you're gonna do yourself a favour, get one of this when you're here. Just a warning that it may get jelat at the 50% mark. But you know what? You'll still gonna finish it.

Next up, Truffle Tori Omu Rice ($22) - translated as chicken cubes bathed in truffle aroma and wrapped in a silky egg blanket. Because of budget issues, someone got to eat the cheaper option *cough*. ANYWAY. It is still awesome, the truffle was deeply-infused so much so it lingers on your palate even two hours after finishing the meal. The extra crunchy garlic was a huge plus point.

As a kushiyaki restaurant, please, please, try out their skewers. They have a selection of about 20 skewers comprising mostly chicken parts and pork. Due to our limited stomach space, we had Momo (chicken thigh, $4) and Buta Bara (pork belly, $5) with just a light seasoning of salt. But trust me, it is so darn good. What can I say? The sacrifice of the chicken, pig, and our tummy space, was well worth it.

All in all, if you're looking for some fancy Japanese dinner, reserve your seating as seats are very limited. Definitely recommended at $50-60 per pax.