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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pregnancy Tips for Surviving the Second Trimester

Week 13 to 27
Now that the first trimester (till Week 12) is finally over, give yourself a huge pat on your back and possibly kick back and enjoy. You've earned it! As compared with the first trimester, the second trimester is known to be "heaven" or "honeymoon period" (as what my friends described). After all, your fetus is more or less settled in your tum-tum as risks of miscarriage has dipped to less than a low-low-low 10%. And you know what? If it's not happening yet, wave goodbye to your morning sickness.

What to expect during your second trimester
Things are definitely gonna be easier, but it's not all rainbows and butterflies (yet), here are some things to expect during week 13 to 28.

Disclaimer: Tips provided are based on our own personal experience. It may work for some, but not others. We are not medical professionals. If symptoms aggravate or persist, please seek a trained doctor.

#1. Bleeding gums. And bad breath.
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding. Just that, it's your gums that are bleeding now. Swollen, tender, and bleeding gums paired with bad breath. Seriously. Everytime we kiss, it's like I'm turning into a vampire or something. But you know what girl, this is temporary! Once the baby is out, hormones level will change back the way it used to be.

Tried and tested:
- Softer toothbrush and salt: Switch to a toothbrush with softer bristles. Dental hygiene is very important. My wife uses coarse salt with the toothpaste as well, as it gives temporary relief and it's antiseptic. 

#2. Weight gain
Expect weight gain, eat healthily but do not scrimp. After all your baby needs all the nutrients he/she needs to grow his little limbs and organs! 

#3. Stretch marks
As the tummy slowly expands, stretch marks may form. This is highly dependent on the individual as some may get, but some don't. My wife is lucky not to have it (her mother credited this to their good genes), but we played safe by applying stretch mark lotions daily.

Tried and tested:
- Lotions and creams: We paired Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Cream with Bio-Oil, it worked pretty well since there's not even a single stretch mark. Or maybe it's the good genes, who knows?
Or maybe go for a little babymoon if you're up for it. Here's us in Quenstown, NZ.

What else you should do
#1. Prenatal check-ups
If you have enrolled yourself with a gynaecologist, chances are that you will be asked to take up additional tests. These include multiple blood tests, detailed ultra-scans, and other tests for fetal risk of down syndrome and other diseases (we opt for OSCAR). Although most are highly recommended, decide if you need it, and take it. Only if you wish to.

#2. Book your antenatal classes
Most hospitals conduct antenatal classes to prep you for childbirth and taking care of your child. We signed up at Thomson Medical Centre (SGD$285 for 4 classes + 1 doctor's talk [price after 5% discount from hospital membership]). Although there are a plethora of online resources, having real-life practical and scenarios while having your question answered have its clear benefits.

#3. Plan your birth plan
You are your own boss when it comes to your pregnancy. And that includes how you want your baby to be delivered. Find out more alternatives for different birthing methods, such as inducing, caesarian, birth with epidural and water birth. Speaking about water birth, we initially opted it but our gynae was (and probably is still) against it, so we decided to listen to her. But ultimately, be your own boss, decide the general arrangement on how and what environment you want your special moment to be. But seriously, do not be too detailed, it really doesn't matter (that much) in the end.

#4. Do some shopping for the baby
Now that you are feeling way better, AND before your baby's weight start becoming an issue, grab your bags and head to a baby fair or something. Like any kiasu parents, we went to three baby fairs and grab a few deals. Or you could do online shopping, some platforms like Taobao, Redmart and Lazada, have really great deals.

Watch out this space for "Pregnancy Tips for Surviving the Third Trimester"!