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Friday, August 17, 2018

Birthday Flowers with Floral Garage Singapore

Like any other pretty things, a woman can never have too many flowers. Like most men, I always think that gifts should be practical, that’s why I gave her things that she could eat or use in her everyday life. Heads up, it doesn’t work. Most women love flowers, and if that’s what she likes, I will get her one. Occasionally.
Recently, I collaborated with Floral Garage Singapore to get some flowers for her birthday. Don’t ask how young, she’s #forever21. Here’s what I like about Floral Garage, who prides themselves on integrity, service, quality and price:

The vast range of flowers.
Just pop into their website and you will be spoiled for choice. At Floral Garage Singapore, the choices are aplenty, ranging from all kinds of celebration to condolences (that rhymes), and in a wide range of prices. So you could get a nice bouquet for Mother’s Day and a cheaper one for maybe uh, your boss’s birthday (still better than nothing). Seriously, they have flowers for all occasions. If you can't decide, get their signature freestyle bouquet, which I did, for my wife’s birthday. You would just let them know the following:

  •  the style you would like (traditional, rustic, modern, etc.)
  • what’s the occasion
  • colours to avoid
  • age of recipient
  • message that goes with the flowers

  • After which, they probably gave the details to the garden elf and poof! The perfect bouquet for your occasion. There is also the premium version, which includes more flowers, which makes it a fuller bouquet. Needless to say, more expensive as well.
    The competitive prices.
    Prices start from $34.90 for a freestyle bouquet at Floral Garage Singapore, all the way up to a few hundred. Yes, less than $35! Now you don't have to break your bank to give a pleasant surprise to your loved ones!

    The quality of flowers.

    When it comes to describing flowers, I’m absolutely terrible. Let’s just say that the quality is the one you would expect from pictures, and the one you can’t wait to give it to the recipient. Except for one leaf that looks it has been to war, the others look perfect. The bouquet is full - roses are red, lilies are pink, wife is happy, and so am I. Oh, did I mention that the flowers smell GREAT? Yeah, doubles as a room freshener too.
    Would I order from them again?

    The services are trustworthy and the delivery is very much on time. So far, my first experience with Floral Garage is very pleasant and I would definitely order from them again.

    The birthday gifts - a wallet, a bouquet, a sexy leg.

    This post is fully sponsored by Floral Garage SG.