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Friday, July 28, 2017

Monochrome Fashion with Claudia & Chernice

The fashion world has seen hundreds, if not, thousands of trends come and go during the last few decades – flared pants, skorts, chokers, and the list goes as long as Singapore’s Hello Kitty queue. Although some of these came back eventually, most died down within a couple of years or so. Yet, there is one trend that never runs out of fashion, and it is none other than monochrome.

On model: Plain Mermaid Dress

Timeless, classic, and sophisticated, yet it holds a powerful and bold statement. Of course, Black-and-white colour palette is nothing new to the fashion world. Simply look at the Hollywood award ceremonies and gala dinners, you will see that huge celebrities strutting their monochrome outfits.
On model: Polo Tees Dress

Some may be like “wait, mono simi (what) chrome fashion?” Don’t worry if you’re hiding under a rock. In fact, monochrome literally means mono (one or a few) and chrome (colors) – put together, it is to strut an outfit that comprised of very few colors of the same hue. It can be in bright, dark, or even nude colors. For example, dark denim jacket paired with navy-blue jeans, you get the idea? But well, as the fashionistas always say - You can never go wrong with black, and you know the next line, once you go black, you never go back.

On model: White Linen Silky Shirt

Less is more
In a world where almost everyone tries to outshine the crowd, monochrome fashion may seem underwhelming, but the right combination of simplicity will make you look like a real star.
Best of all? Teaming colors of the similar spectrum means that you probably won’t mess up when you switch up your outfits and explore various patterns. Have a white shirt in your cabinet? Black skirt or jacket? You’re pretty much halfway there. Swag it up with a statement necklace or shoes with contrasting colors and you will get yourself a winning combination. Simple? Checked. Classy? Checked.
Effortlessly chic. On model: Fake 2-Piece Stylo Blouse

Shop the trend
Recently I came across Claudia & Chernice, a local venture that specializes in clothes and accessories of monochromatic theme for teens and young adults. With suppliers from all around Asia, Claudia & Chernice has ventured into various styles such as Bohemian and needless to say - monochrome. According to Claudia & Chernice’s founder, Catherine, monochrome fashion provides buying convenience as the colors are easy to match.
On model: Korean-Style Culf Blouse

Launched in 2003, Claudia & Chernice has since been featured on Spring Magazine (2003) and Channel 8’s HDB Tai Tai (2009). Today, besides having their own studio at Havelock Mall, consumers are able to purchase their vast collection at Singapore’s lifestyle market, Megafash, and OG. By September this year, they will be collaborating with Qoo10 as well! Claudia & Chernice also boasts their newly revamped website, where you can browse at the convenience of your fingertips: (

From tops to bottoms, one-piece wear to unisex outfits, loud to elegant, Claudia & Chernice has it all. Clothes are also seasonal, with new stocks arriving every other month. Check out their clothes and find something new every now and then!
Earlier this year, Claudia & Chernice was involved in the inaugural Artbox Singapore, a spin-off of Bangkok’s creative market, where they launched their new series of collection along with both local and international fashion brands. Speaking of which, Claudia & Chernice is holding their grand local branding launch at their in-house studio!

2 Havelock Road, Singapore 059763
Havelock Mall II, B1-03
(nearest MRT - Clarke Quay/Chinatown)

Date: 13 August 2017
Time: 1 to 5pm

Packed with attractive promotions and free studio shoots with minimum purchase. Well, what are you waiting for? For more details, sign up right here:

Also, follow their Facebook at if you do not want to miss out any awesome lobangs! Don’t say I good stuff never share hor.
Don’t be afraid to explore and mix-and-match outfits and accessories. Pull off the look with sharp, modern and graphic outfits with bold monochrome prints. After all, fashion is all about confidence.
On model: Plain Pocketed Long Top (left). Becos of You Long Tees Dress (right)

Don’t worry that monochrome will be out of fashion, because it’s here to stay.

Turn heads and strut your stuff now at