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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brotzeit @ Vivocity, Singapore

Happy new year, readers! It's been almost three weeks into the brand new year, yet I am still found myself half buried in my examinations. Nevertheless, here's one for any pork knuckle lover!

Brotzeit has been in Singapore for awhile, but only recently found myself having my virgin experience at this German bar and restaurant - which never fails to boast a snaking, long queue during dinner times. Now, I haven't been to the other outlets, but the Vivocity branch has a good combination of service and ambience amidst its "chillaxing" (if there's such a word) al-fresco dining.

Do you know that the expression "Brotzeit" translated to English is actually "bread-time"? What's a typical German meal without authentic Germany-imported alcohol? Choose among a wide range of alcoholic beverages, such as lager and weissbier, to accompany the traditional Bavarian cuisine, infused with a touch of modern Germany.

The most brainless thing to do at Brotzeit is not to order their signature Schweinshaxn (oven roasted pork knuckle). The crackling sound makes a perfect testimony that it came straight from the oven, delivering an extremely crispy exterior, yet encompasses a tender and succulent interior. The pork knuckle is also served with home-made gravy, pickles, potatoes and sauerkraut. Perfect for sharing among 2-3 persons (trust me, we learnt this the hard way).

Meeresfrüchtesalat is a seafood salad, which consists of smoked salmon, seared tuna, juicy prawns, greens, tossed with house dressing and drizzles with sour cream. It makes for an excellent appetizer, or otherwise a good meal for the health-conscious. 

If you're craving for carbohydrates, have a go at their Fladen Spinat (Spinach Pizza) - sauteed baby spinach, matches with vine tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on their home-made dark rye fladenbrot (Turkish flat-bread). We thought that a normal thin-crusted pizza base might complement the light flavours of the ingredients better, but again, maybe this was how they do it in Germany.

Brotzeit definitely leaves us with much satisfaction in our minds as well as our bellies. Just to take note: be early, or be prepared to queue up. This place is perfect for almost every occasion amidst the picturesque background of the harbour-front.


Tel: 6272 8815

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 00:00
Sat - Sun & PH: 12:00 - 01:00

1 HarbourFront Walk