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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moi Lum Restaurant @ Maxwell Road, Singapore

Unlike previous years when we always had Grandma's birthday dinner at the usual Boon Lay Raja restaurant, located opposite Jurong East station, this year we decided to have a change of venue, surprisingly. We are Cantonese, you see, and Grandma always insist that we stick to our own cuisine and that is why Moi Lum restaurant seems to be the perfect alternative.

With roots sinking back in the 1920s, Moi Lum Restaurant aims to bring traditional food quality while keeping up with modern tastes to cater to different walks of life. Personally, the appetizers or better known as the "cold dish/plate" in Chinese, was my favourite. For one, it is presentable enough like how every opening dish should looked like. Secondly, the subtle flavours and textures of the assorted dishes was a delight to the palate, and readied my appetite for what is to come. Please do note that the cold dishes differ from set meals to set meals depending on pricings. 

Our dinner set meal included their restaurant speciality, Majestic Crispy Roast Chicken - tender, juicy white meat lined with a thin layer of fats and crispy brown skin. On a nut shell, the dish was a tad bland especially at the breast area, but was fixed by a sprinkle of salt and freshly squeezed lime juice. It is also come complete with an abundance of crunchy crackers.

The veggies were pretty bitter without the semi-sweet oyster sauce. However, the whole mushrooms paired with braised abalone slices was just good enough to save this dish.

Seafood Golden Pockets were such adorable bites, if you still have no idea what does it look like, it is actually made in resemblance of sacks of money, while the tempura scallops are made to look like golden coins. How auspicious does this dish sounds.. Feeling rich already?

Besides dinner sets, Moi Lum also serves a series of a la carte food items and affordable set lunches (with drinks and desserts) as well. Conclusion? Not the best Cantonese cuisine out there, but definitely worth a try.

Moi Lum Restaurant Pte Ltd

Tel: 62262283

38 Maxwell Road
Airview Building